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Helping storytellers to share their (real and fictitious) experiences.

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Thanks to everyone who's donated so far! Your donations help to keep The Writer's Cookbook going and your messages fill me with more . than you can imagine. Please do share your story with me - I love reading them. If you can't afford to donate, or want to share a longer story, you can reach out to me by emailing [email protected]
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Since my novel, Tripio, centers on coffee and I draw inspiration from your story I am happy to support you!

Thanks Jerry! <3

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Keep up the great work! I had a question regarding testimonials or "blurbs." Would you recommend getting them as in the first round of publishing with little to no connections or wait until there is a bit more traction later down the line. I'm an entrepreneur with a lot of business friends but none who are in the writing industry : (

Hey, thank you for the coffees! It really depends on the book. If it's nonfiction, it doesn't matter that the quote doesn't come from a writer - in fact, it may hold more weight if it comes from someone influential in that industry (like the CEO of a company). You could always send out review copies to people you think the book may be of interest to (whether it's fiction or nonfiction). If you don't get any quotes back that you like, you can always fill the gap with a tagline – many authors (myself included) do this instead.