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Sindra, "Legacy of Dragons"

Sindra, "Legacy of Dragons"

Apr 29, 2022

The first of the Winged Ones family of species were the legendary Sindra. Originally created by Rah-Zukar, God Dragon of Fire and Honor, during the Genesis Wars to serve as shock troops, Sindra were revived in the First Age in return for their fearless service during the war.


Sindra resemble their creator, with large draconic wings, a strong reptillian head, smooth scaly skin, and powerful tail. Many have bony crests and horns. Male Sindra typically have longer, or more developed horns or crests. They are generally more resistant to fire and Blaze magic than other species.

Most Sindra stand between 6 to 7 feet tall, and weigh between 250 to 400 pounds. Their scales can be nearly any color, and that coloration is not, apparently, genetic seeing as offspring rarely share either parents' scale color.

While Sindra are omnivores, they have a distinctive need for meat. In fact, Sindra can suffer from rather acute illnesses if they do not get enough meat in their diet. Many enjoy hunting, tracking prey from the air before diving down to strike. They quite skilled trackers with a wonderful sense of smell.


Most other species regard Sindra with awe and reverence. Many of history's great heroes and leaders are Sindra, including one of the most legendary figures, Akumrathenen, the first Makerian Rize Emperor. Their naturally noble bearing and dedication to their beliefs is easily inspiring to those around them. With their long lifespans, often easily exceeding one thousand years, they make for wise, reliable leaders. But most tend to shy away from kingships and other such stations. The Makerian Rize Empire is the only current nation with a Sindra as it's head of state.

Sindra prefer to lead lives where they can take advantage of their experience and natural prowess in combat. Many take up positions as military leaders, diplomats, judges, lawyers, masters at arms, even priests and researchers. It is rare, but not unheard of for them to take up mastery of a craft, like blacksmithing or enchanting. Montessian Loren Severa, a Sindra from Northern Vona in the Falle Mountains, runs one of the the most respected vineyards for Perra Wine in the world, Old Montessian.

Due to their heritage, most Sindra dedicate their worship to Rah-Zukar, Dragon God of Fire and Honor. They feel it is their duty to live up to the gift that their ancestors fought and died for. They have particularly mixed feelings about the Cinderborne, hating them for being phoenixes, the greatest of demons, but respecting them for being phoenixes who turned against the Dark Gods in the Genesis Wars. They also look down on Nasians, for the same reason Altians do, feeling they do not live up to their Aelphen progenitors.


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