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Hey 👋 To my surprise, people sometimes ask me if there's anything they can do as a thank you for the free resources I create. My answer is always "just buy me a coffee if we ever meet" - now it turns out there's actually a website where you can do just that!
Eran Barzilai
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These visualizations are awesome! thank you for creating it

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Thank you so much for your work, Kristoffer. I use your visualizations to explain concepts to my tutoring students and they are a huge help.

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Thank you for making such useful and pretty tools. It not only helped me understand more about power, effect size, etc, but also made my quanti-method class more engaging and interesting. Thank you and wish you a great 2021!

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We've mentioned your work a few times on our podcast and we recently sent a poster to a listener as prize so we wanted to buy you a few coffees. Thanks for the great work that you do!Dan Quintana and James Heathers - Co-hosts of Everything Hertz