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This page is made to support the creativity of Ksenon Faurt
Of the bonuses, so far only gif work processes and unpublished sketches

What about me:
1. My time is GMT + 3
2. I work with a translator, so I can answer no sooner than in a day
3. I need you to clarify local memes if you would like to make some :D
That's all)

As an artist:
I like to draw unusual monsters, lots of details, atmosphere and good planned arts. Most of all I like to draw emotions. But my beloved part of the art are personnages. I'm not sure if I can do all of it, except the last two of them, so I let you decide for myself. Also I like good stuff no matter if it's series, animated series, manga, manhwa, comics, book, movie... If you can advise me some I would be pleased.

If you have any questions you can write to me here:
Telegram: KsenonFaurt
Furaffinity DeviantArt VK TikTok
Together we will think about how to solve them!