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Hey 👋 ! Good to see you!

I'm an Artist, with a passion for experimenting with all kinds of techniques to create "the New", living in Austria. Starting in 2018 with my wish to being able to photograph under water i created a system that made it possible for me to do so without the need to dive or submerge myself fully into the water. S.O.U.P. (2018) was "born" and i finally could start experimenting in "an easy way" with creating UnderWaterImagery.
I would like to invite you to follow and support my creative journey.
When its warm outside i will be out somewhere in the waters creating. The rest of the time i spend creating on land. Since my background are fine-arts-studies i am trying to giving myself fully into "surfing that wave of being a creative creator" (way more than being "just" a photographer). And here i am also constantly re-searching and trying out new concepts and ideas. In my postings you can read photo and art-related texts, see photographic scetches or my tryout-intermediate-results. You can learn to know interesting people that inspire me and with whom i am working with. I am giving you insights into my processes and let you participate as close as possible via Behind-the-Scenes-Videos.

Thank you so much for your kind support!

It really means a lot to me and i very much appreciate it!

I am wishing you a good and inspiring time !
Best wishes & kind regards, Kubi