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Travel Photography with iPhone11PRO in Puglia, Italy

Dec 20, 2021

We have now really arrived at a time when the cell phone has taken the place of small digital cameras. Just a few years ago, people used to own a small Sony, Canon or Panasonic "TravelZoomCamera" to capture their experiences on city trips and journeys, but today it's almost invariably the cell phone.

And since the technology in it is really advanced, these PhonePics can really be seen. Especially because in the past you could really "only" depict the travel reality with the Digi-Point-and-Shoots and it required a complex post-production to tickle out the one or other little "feeling" from the brought pictures on the computer if you wanted to impress the people at home with a photo show on the flat screen TV.

Nowadays, with a Photo Studio in your vest pocket, you save time taking pictures and doing post-processing. On the one hand supported by the self-learning AI in the device, on the other hand by the simplification of the processes. Press, rotate, swipe, press. Done! Send!

If you use it correctly, in the best case, there will be more time to experience. More time to experience your precious vacation. More time to enjoy your free time.

More time to see.

More time to hear.

More time to smell.

More time to taste.

More time to feel.

More time to experience.

In the gallery above you see "smartphonographs" commonly referred to as photos which i took while travelling Puglia in Italy. One of my most favourite destinations in the last years. These Pictures i took with my "iPhone11 Pro" in combination with two dedicated Photo-Apps and also with the Built-In-Camera-App which i "modified" to my taste.

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