Buy Colin Kuebler a coffee


Hi, I'm Colin, and I've been programming for over 15 years. I'm passionate about being open, from software to data to science and more.

Currently I am the primary maintainer of the tuya-convert project, developed to free IoT devices from the cloud for the sake of privacy, security, control, and ownership. I contribute back to many open source projects as well, submitting bug fixes and feature enhancements to popular projects like tuyapi, Tasmota and many more. I'm constantly working on new software and libraries which I publish for anyone to use or learn from, such as a lightweight syntax highlighter and many more found on my github.

If you have benefited from or appreciate the work I've done, and have the means to do so, please consider supporting my work through a contribution of any size you deem appropriate. Your support allows me to continuing devoting time to answering issues, providing support, refining, developing, and contributing to open source projects!