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Kuhl’s ‘Pas De Deux’ Now Available Across All Platforms ‘Pas De Deux’ is one of those rare beasts; a 23 track double album that is all at once thoughtful, provocative, danceable and achingly beautiful. You’ll find a treasure trove of musical gems in there. Songs about life, love, politics and death. An electronic meisterwerk for our times.

Always regarding themselves as a European band, Kuhl now crosses international borders. Cas Greenfield lived in Amsterdam for many years, but currently lives in Stroud, now billed as the Bohemian Capital of The Cotswolds (as well as being the crucible that spawned Extinction Rebellion) while Mikey lives in the Cevennes region of the South of France. ‘Pas De Deux’ was recorded in Kuhl’s mountain-top studio in the South of France between May 2018 and October 2019.