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Hi there, I’m Katrina and I’m here, at your service.

I get asked, quite a lot: “What do you do, and how can YOU heal me from my trauma?”

Very good question. So to answer this, I will give you some background information first.

Growing up mixed race (Eurasian) British and Asian, I spent my childhood in a part of Asia where religion was very highly regarded and simply could not be questioned. I also had the Western side of me that questioned everything. This put me into a difficult space, I got into a lot of trouble socially and was often punished at school.

Coming from a different emotional space to everyone around me opened me up to abuse and trauma. This left me feeling insecure and attracted people with narcissistic qualities directly into my life, even a partner who I spent over 10 years of my life with. I was walking on eggshells most days and lived a life that was a shadow of who I am today. As you can see from my past, I am naturally someone who questions everything, but being with a narc I felt like I could not question his actions. This was all down to trauma bonding. The feeling of being treasured and on the other hand not being good enough kept me stuck in the relationship - as I felt I should be lucky to be in ANY relationship with my qualities.

The longer I was in the relationship, the weaker I felt emotionally within - which physically manifested as bowel problems and intense allergies.

I had seen a psychiatrist and attended counselling. Both were enlightening experiences, but my emotions were still the same. I knew what I had to do - which was to leave the relationship, but I had no drive to do so.

It was during the last two years of that time that I took up yoga and meditation. It was Kundalini yoga that changed my life. I accessed my energetic centres (chakras) one by one and gained more and more clarity on my emotions. The transformation was astounding for me. I was driven to improve my diet and lifestyle as a part of this journey. My chakras became clearer and so much stronger that I finally walked away from my toxic relationship.

My life improved more. I gained more abundance, a better career and the best relationship with a partner I have ever had and I love myself in a way that I never have before. I am certainly not the person I was!

Now, I help people who were like me back then, 8 years ago. I am now narc-free and I manifest positive love and light into my reality. If that's what you want, I am here to help you too.

You ask, how do I help?

Simple, I will be coaching you through:

Kundalini Yoga Chakra clearing and building - so that you feel differently and can make amazing life choices. the support of my partner (a qualified plant-based nutritionist) to reset your hormones - so that your stressors and emotions don’t control you and you can have your body back.

a nutritional plan - so that your mind and body will operate in alignment with each other, and you will have more energy and better health overall.

personalised meditations- because we are all different, and we all need a way to let go of negative thoughts that works well for us.

Through Sadhana (Self-devotional) practice - because you need strong and firm boundaries that keep you in alignment with your soul's purpose.

If any of what I said resonates with you, type in the comment box:-

‘I’m interested’

- and I will reach out to you personally.

Sometimes all we need is someone to guide us, until we can sort it out for ourselves.

Thanks for reading: Namaste.

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