Hello everyone!

This week's update includes the Tech Tree page!! From this page you will be able to see which items unlock other items... It's tough to explain actually 😅. An example of a Tech Tree is the blueprints that can be unlocked in the Manufacturing Facilities. The update also contains the ability to convert Portal Glyphs into a Galactic Address. More details on what is new here https://nmsassistant.com/tools/what-is-new

Update delays

Due to current pandemic, the Google Play and Apple App Store are processing updates very slowly. This means that unfortunately updates will be delayed. Google Play took 6 days to release the latest update. The Apple App Store has processed this week's update the fastest and is available! I have created a site that will host the Android versions of the App. So for those of you who know how to side-load APK files you can find the APKs here: https://apk.nmsassistant.com

Have a great weekend!! 😁

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