The school administration, along with Ms. Lowe agrees it would be best to withdraw Justin from the 4th grade under recent circumstances. After a few discussions and a phone call with his mother, it was decided that he would take a 2 week sabbatical and if he was up to standards he could return to class. Otherwise he would need to enroll in a special needs program.

Justin didn’t want that, but he also didn’t want to return to his class given the humiliation he suffered. And considering the path Justin was currently on, it didn’t look like the 4th grade was in the cards. Despite the hit to morale, Justin was still determined to act his age and his new babysitter Kristi believed he could. She didn’t think a handful of accidents warranted a potty-training do-over, and after a weekend in pull-ups with nothing but successful trips to the toilet and no nighttime oopsie daisies, Justin was proving her right.

So, he had peed his pants in class. He was only ten. Kristi didn’t think that was exactly a big deal. She could even recall when she was in 6th grade and a girl peed her pants in class. She tried to claim her chair was wet when she sat down, but everyone knew better. Anyway, Kristi was understanding. Accidents happen. She especially knew that from watching children everyday. She wanted to give Justin the benefit of the doubt.

Justin’s only problem was Kristi had no discretion when it came to her babysitting kids. All weekend long it had only been the two of them, but Monday morning when the rest of her charges showed up, Justin was humiliated yet again as each of those kids, ranging from 1 to 7 years old, found out the 10 year old boy was in training pants. A few of the kids were very amused by this fact. One in particular, a 7 year old named Stephanie, had a field day teasing Justin. Of course, behind the babysitter’s back.

So when Kristi told Justin Monday afternoon that he would get to switch back to big boy underwear on Tuesday, Stephanie wasn’t pleased. But she saw an opportunity in what Kristi told the former 4th grader next.

“You’ve been doing a great job using the potty, Justin. I knew you could do.” The babysitter said happily. “I think you’re ready to go back to regular underwear tomorrow. No more pull-ups. Would you like that?”

Justin just smiled. He was still to shy and embarrassed to say anything.

“Good.” Kristi said. “There’s a catch though. When I’m toilet training, I use the 3 strike program. If you wet the bed or pee your pants, that’s a strike. You get two of those, then you go back to pull-ups. If you have an accident in your pull-ups, that’s strike 3. Strike 3 means I put you in diapers and we start potty-training all over. Got it?”

Justin nodded. He was nervous at his 3 accident limit, especially because he had more than 3 accidents last week alone, but he had been doing well and he believed himself. Stephenie however struck up a plan in her mind.

Tuesday morning, Stephanie’s mom dropped her off a 4 am like always. It was routine for the kids who got their early in the morning to come in and find their sleeping bag on the floor and go back to sleep until it was time to get up. Stephanie walked into the dark living room and saw Justin sound asleep in his sleeping bag. She giggled to herself when she saw his thumb in his mouth moving slowly in and out.

“What a baby.” She whispered.

She couldn’t resist. She quietly approached Justin and felt his pajamas. She was disappointed when she didn’t feel a pull-up. And since he was dry, Stephanie knew he hadn’t wet the bed… yet. She knew exactly what to do. She had heard about it on tv, but never tried it before, but the devious child was eager to experiment on her new friend.

She went into the kitchen a as quietly as she could, filled a bowl with warm water. The little girl walked back into the living room and placed Justin’s hand into the bowl. Minutes passed and Stephenie thought her plan didn’t work, until she heard a soft hiss hitting the fabric of the sleeping bag.

Once again, she couldn’t resist and she slipped her hand under the covers. She smiled with glee as she felt Justin’s pajamas growing wet and she heard the puddle growing beneath him. Stephanie removed the boy’s hand from the water and made sure to hide any evidence of her trick.

The room began to smell of fresh pee and Justin and his Batman pajamas were thoroughly soaked. His sleeping bag had leaked his accident and now a decent sized wet patch stained the top of the covers. When morning came, it would be clear to everyone Justin peed the bed.

Strike one.