“Bedwetter! Bedwetter! Bedwetter!”

That was the chant that Justin was waking up to on the living room of his babysitter’s house at 7 o’clock in the morning. Justin wasn’t registering what the group of 5-7 year olds were shouting as the stood around him, but once he shifted in his sleeping bag and felt the rush of cold air embrace his body and his very damp clothes clung to his body, he understood the what they were saying. A bunch of kindergarteners were teasing the 10 year old for a childish accident. He didn’t understand what had happened. He had been doing so well the last few days. Kristi had trusted him to go the night without a pull-up and he had failed. Now he sat there surrounded by laughing children soaked in urine and shame.

None of the kids pointing at the soaked sleeping bag were as amused more than Stephanie. Since she succeeded in her warm water trick, she slept like a baby, not as much of a baby as Justin of course, until the sun started creeping through the blinds. She batted her eyes as she woke from her slumber and looked over to Justin. In the light of the morning the wet patch was undeniable. Everyone would know about Justin’s accident, and Stephanie couldn’t wait for that to happen. She quickly jumped from her sleeping bag and started shaking the other kids awake.

“Justin wet the bed! Justin wet the bed!” She yelled.

Soon all the kids were up and laughing at the humiliating act. Justin was too shocked to even do anything. He just stared as his cold clammy pants reeking of ammonia. He looked up at the kids around him and abruptly pulled a blanket over himself. That’s when Kristi came walking out of her bedroom to see what the commotion in her living room was.

“What’s going on?” The babysitter said with bed head and a bathrobe.

“Justin peed himself.” Stephanie happily answered cheerfully.

“No I didn’t.” Justin said defensively, pulling tightly on the blanket.

Kristi sighed as she walked over to the boy. “Justin, did you pee the bed?”

“No.” Justin lied.

Kristi could smell the urine in the air and she crouched down beside Justin. “Justin.” She said sternly. “Tell the truth. Did you have an accident?” She starred into the child’s fearful eyes and reached for the blanket in his grip. She grabbed it from him and slowly pulled it back to confirm that Justin was in fact covered in pee. “Yep, that’s what I thought. Okay, let’s go get you cleaned up.”

Kristi picked Justin up by the armpits and stood him up to his feet. She led him out of the room toward the bathroom where she started running the shower and helped him strip of his wet clothes. She then came back out the children giggling amongst themselves and gave them a stern talking to. She looked directly toward Stephanie and began speaking.

“Steph, I noticed you leading the charge to make of Justin. 15 minutes on the time-out bench.”

The 15 minute punishment was well worth it to Stephanie, plus it gave her a good amount of time to think of her next step. Kristi then directed her attention at the rest of the group.

“Now you all know you shouldn’t tease anyone, especially for something they can’t help. And let’s not pretend I haven’t changed a few of you out of wet pants before.”

All the kids understood what their sitter was saying and when Justin came back out none of them said anything. None of them except for Stephanie of course. She was going to get every last drop of joy out of this. And when snack time came around, she sprung into action.

Justin sat in front of the tv watching Lilo and Stitch in the corner of the room by himself drinking his lemonade. Stephanie walked in with her own cup and sat down beside Justin. Justin could see the way she was starring at him with a vicious smile on her face.

“What do you want?” Justin said annoyed.

“I was just thinking” Stephanie started “maybe you shouldn’t be drinking all that lemonade. You know? Because of your little problem.”

“Shut up.” Justin said

“What?” Sarah said teasingly. “I just want to help. Do you need to go potty?”

“No.” Justin said sharply

“That makes sense.” Sarah said

“Why?” Asked Justin

Stephanie’s smile widened. “Because it looks like you already went.” She said abruptly pouring the remains of her lemonade into the lap of Justin.

Justin was shocked. The front of his pants were soaked.

“Aww, what’s the matter Justin?” The 7 year old said. “Did you have a little accident? It’s okay, I’ll get Kristi.” Stephanie stood up and ran to fetch the sitter. “Kristi! Kristi! Justin peed his pants!”

Kristi came running in an saw the visibly shaken child with a very wet crotch.

“Oh, Justin. Not again.”

Stephanie thought to herself “Strike two.”