Kristi led the wet pants child up the stairs to change him, completely ignoring Justin’s objections that he hadn’t peed himself and Sarah had poured her drink in his lap.

“Quit making excuses, Justin.” Kristi said. “You peed your pants. Just be a big boy and own up to it.”

Stephanie giggled in delight as she watched her peer be taken away to get put into training pants. Now she had to take this time to orchestrate the next step of her plan to get Justin taped back into diapers.

“One more accident.” She said to herself. She had to make sure that by the end of the day Justin would pee in his pull-up. She also knew that that would be the hardest task to achieve. The warm water trick would only work if he slept, and if she poured lemonade into Justin’s trainers, Kristi would be able to tell it wasn’t pee. Justin had to have a legitimate accident in his pants, and the only way to make sure that happened was to keep the kid from the bathroom. While the two were upstairs, Stephanie quickly went to the kitchen and began rummaging through the cabinet. She was a very smart 7 year old and knew exactly what she was looking for. Right above the stove, Stephanie found what she was looking for. Laxatives.

Her mom had given her laxatives before to help with her constipation and she remembered the medicine making her spend forever on the toilet. The devious child planned to slip these pills to the babysitter so that she would lock herself in the bathroom and it would be inaccessible to Justin. Stephanie removed three tablets from the box and tucked it back in where it went, she then dropped them into Kristi’s coffee and ran back into the playroom as if she was never there.

An hour later, Kristi sat on the couch reading as all the kids played amongst themselves and Justin watched TV all alone in his pull-up. Almost simultaneously, the urge to use the bathroom came across both Justin and Kristi. Justin’s bladder was calling for release, but Kristi’s bladder wasn’t her problem. She had to poop and she had to poop now. Kristi dropped her reading material and shuffled to restroom, closing the door frantically just as Justin stood up to go. Stephanie watched the both of them and took pleasure in the look on Justin’s face when the door closed on him. She knew he had to go, but she also knew Kristi wasn’t getting off that toilet for a while.

30 minutes went by and Justin began to hold himself. 10 minutes after that, he was rocking back and forth, and 10 minutes after that both his hands were pressed to his crotch as he sat cross legged on the floor. Each time the toilet would flush, Justin thought his wait was over, but each time Kristi never came out and his bladder would throb in agony from the anticipation. Stephanie decided this was her time to strike. She wasn’t sure just how long the 4th grader could hold it before having an accident, so she intended to make sure it wasn’t much longer.

She recruited another 7 year old and a couple of younger kids to her scheme and they walked together over the 10 year old who felt much younger as the bullies approached him. He felt even more little moments later. The group of children forced Justin to the ground and as the three other held him down, Stephanie tickled the boy. Justin squirmed and whined as he helplessly laughed as the girl ran her fingers all around his sides and under his armpit.

“Stop it! Stop!” Justin cried out in between laughs and then suddenly he felt warmth engulf his lower region. In his vulnerable state, Justin’s bladder had let go and pee was streaming out between his legs. He felt his butt grow warm and Stephanie could tell by the look on his face that she had won. She stopped tickling him and while he caught his breath she grabbed the swollen padding beneath his jeans and laughed out loud.

“Uh oh. Someone needs a changing.” She said satisfied. “You pee peed in your pull-ups.”

“You peed in your pull-ups?” Kristi said coming out of the bathroom. She had missed all the excitement and only saw the children standing over Justin mocking him over his accident. Justin didn’t have the will to fight it. His spirt was broken, and he instantly threw his head back and started bawling. Kristi picked Justin up and layed him over her shoulder as she carried him upstairs. “I guess it’s back to diapers.” She said softly. “It’s okay… I might need a diaper too.” She whispered quietly to herself.

Stephanie just stood back in pure bliss as she watched her plan come to completion. She successfully watched Justin fall from a normal 10 year old, 4th grade boy, to a bedwetting child, to a pull-up wearing toddler, and then a full blown diaper baby. And as Kristi carried the sobbing child upstairs, Justin knew that’s what he was too. He slowly slipped his thumb into his mouth to ease his crying and closed his eyes as he rested his head on his babysitter’s shoulder. Kristi layed Justin down on the changing mat, removed his pants and ripped the sides of the soaked pull-up, wiped his bottom with baby wipes, sprinkled some powder over his groin, and layed the diaper beneath his butt taping it around him and placing him in the upstairs playpen for well deserved nap.

Justin curled up in the fetal position with his diapered butt in the air and his thumb still in his mouth moving back in forth between his lips. This was Justin’s new life and Stephanie was so excited to have a new baby to play with.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs she whispered “Strike three.”