Some kids grow up too quick and some don’t grow up quick enough. There are other kids, however, that want to but just can’t. Justin was at the age where he felt like he was getting older. He wanted responsibility, he liked the status of being one of the big kids in school, and he had crushes on girls. All these showed maturity, but his peed in clothes sitting on the counter and his new toddler printed underwear showed the exact opposite. It didn’t help the situation either that he was now napping with his thumb in his mouth, and that was exactly how he was seen by one of those crushes, Ashley, as she walked into the nurse’s.

“What’s the matter, dear?” The nurse asked.

“I have a headache.” Ashley said. “What’s wrong with Justin?” She asked before she figured it out herself catching a glimpse of the wet clothes in the bag. “Oh.”

“Yes, he had a bit of an accident.”

She sat there for a moment looking at her classmate when she noticed something happening.

“Um, I think he’s having one right now” She spoke pointing at the dark spot expanding across the leg of Justin’s sweat pants.

“Oh dear” said the nurse watching as the patch of wetness spread across the boy’s left thigh, soaking his waist band and even spreading to his shirt. She couldn’t bare to wake him and have him suffer the humiliation of his accident, so she decided the best thing to do was to go ahead and change him as he slept. Sure he’d be embarrassed when he woke up, but at least he wouldn’t have to see his accident, let alone in front of the girl.

She walked over and started removing his clothes. Ashley fought hard to keep back a smile when she say the now light yellow tinged Barney underwear.

‘Please look way, hun. You shouldn’t see this.” The nurse told Ashley as she slipped off the underpants, trying to only touch the dry part. She wiped Justin clean and walked over to the cabinet where Ashley watched her open a pack of Buzz Lightyear pull-ups. Shen then proceeded to slide the training pants onto Justin, cover them with some fresh sweats, and change his shirt, all without Justin even waking up.

With his new attire and, thankfully, his thumb no longer in his mouth, he slept deeply for another five minutes. When he woke up and saw Ashley, his heart began raising waking him up fully. He looked at her and then his pants, realizing they were different than the ones he fell asleep in. Ashley noticed his confusion.

“You had an accident, so the nurse put you in a pull-up.”