The washing machine buzzed as Amy walked through the living room to check on her son sleeping on the couch. She thought it was cute seeing her little boy curled up in his blanket with his thumb in his mouth. Of course the amusement faded when she actually thought about how bad it was that her 4th grader was still sucking his thumb.

“I hope he grows out of this” she thought out loud, checking Justin’s pants. “Still dry. At least there’s that.”

She left Justin to finish his nap as she went and transferred his now clean clothes from the washer into the dryer. She wondered for a moment how exactly someone who knows how to use the toilet could go in their pants. She wanted to be sympathetic to her son but he was supposed to be potty trained and if he was in fact relapsing she felt she failed as a mother. Most parents have their children fully trained by 4 years old and here she was 29 years old with a 10 year old who should potentially still be in diapers.

“It was just an accident.” She thought. “He was just afraid to ask for the bathroom. It’s his shyness. I guess I’ve come close before.”

Amy tried to justify what happened. She had come close before, in fact while taking her SATs she had a bit of a bout with the potty dance, but she still didn’t actual wet her pants. Justin had.

“It was just an accident.” She said one more time, dismissing the incident. “Let’s just move on.”

Later that night after dinner, both Justin and Amy were able to put the day behind them. Justin was worried about the kids at school but right now he was at home and he felt safe.

“Justin, time to get ready for bed honey. Don’t forget to pee before you go to sleep, got it?” Amy said in a sweet yet firm tone as she sent her child off to bed. She went to the bathroom as well as she went to bed herself and she thought for a moment what would happen if she didn’t pee before bed. It was something she did every night without fail since she was a kid. What if she wasn’t that different from Justin? He was her son after all. She shrugged it off and went to sleep just like her kid down the hall.

“Grown ups don’t pee the bed.”