Anxiety and depression is something so many people suffer with, but it’s not something a 10 year old kid should have to worry about. Yet, that’s exactly what Justin felt heading to school the day after his justifiably traumatizing pants-wetting incident. He luckily escaped any classmates witnessing his accident but unfortunately one not only found out about it, but also saw him wet himself again in his sleep. The word was soon going to spread that he was a pants-wetting baby and that thought made himself nauseous.

When he walked into class that morning the first person he made eye contact with was Ashley, but she didn’t look like she was ready to tease him, and she definitely hadn’t told anybody yet considering nobody was paying any attention to him. She actually had a look of kindness and understanding. Justin’s heart started to race though when she began walking towards him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not telling.” She said, not quite whispering, but quiet enough no one would overhear. “I wear pull-ups at night too, still.”

Justin responded a bit offended. “I don’t need pull-ups. I don’t wet the bed.”

“Oh” Ashley said a little hurt, but she quickly rebutted “It kind of seems like you do.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right.” Justin felt like a jerk right then. “It’s just a feel like such a baby sometimes.”

“You’re not a baby.” The young girl replied. “We’re still growing up.”

The thing was Justin thought he was growing up, but now it was like he was growing backwards. He could accept the fact that he was still the size of a kindergartener, but now that he was finally starting to be seen as an older kid, he had gone back to having accidents, being told to take naps, drinking from snippy cups, and even wearing pull-ups. Ashley was right though, some kids their age still needed diapers, mostly at night, but still. Justin could understand that and it made him feel better. Just a little bit of compassion and reasoning from this little girl washed away so much of his anxieties.

Justin now knew that he wasn’t alone and just knowing that helped him accept that just because he wasn’t maturing as fast as some didn’t mean he was a baby. After all Ashley still wore pull-ups at night, a stage that Justin, even though he had had a few accidents, was past. A few setbacks didn’t mean he was going backwards.

Unfortunately however, Justin’s mother came to a different conclusion that day. After a long and informative conversation with her own mother, and stressing about her son’s situation all afternoon, Amy was of the belief that Justin’s problems stemmed from her failures in potty training him. If he continued to regress, she was going to have to start from the beginning. She was hoping desperately it wouldn’t get to that, but in case it did she was already making arrangements.

That night Amy’s decision was made. Justin woke up around 2 am with the need to pee. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When he started peeing though, something was off. He felt his bladder empty as his pee hit the bowl, but as this happened, he felt a warm patch spread across his front and up his belly. He woke up and noticed that the pajamas that were just around his ankles were actually still completely on him. Then he realized the feeling he had only just stopped experiencing a few months ago. A wet bed. His pjs were soaked along with his covers.

“I guess I’m not over this.” Justin thought to himself. He got out of bed a made his way to his mother’s room to tell her he peed his bed. “Mommy.”

Amy woke up a bit dazed. “Justin? What is it?’

“I had an accident” said the soaked child.”

“Oh Justin, I thought we were passed this.” Amy replied disappointed. “Go to your room and wait for me. I’ll be in in a minute.

Justin sat on his soiled bed waiting for his mom to come in. He didn’t know if she was taking a while or time was just moving slowly, but when she finally walked in his heart sank seeing what was in her hand. A fresh pull-up.

“Okay Justin, there are going to be some changes around here, but right now you need to get your sleep.” Amy said pulling off her child’s wet clothes. “We’ll talk about this more in the morning.” She wiped Justin down and spread out the diaper. “Step in.” Justin placed his feet through the leg holes and Amy slid the training pants. “Sleep in these for now and tomorrow we’ll talk.”

Amy changed the bedding and left her son to wonder what tomorrow was going to bring.