Justin was putting all the effort he had in keeping his pull-up dry. So much so that his subtle potty-dance was becoming more and more obvious to anyone who focused their attention on the boy. And now that Britney knew Justin was a pants-wetter, and the rumor he wore pull-ups was beginning to spread, she was excited and eager to humiliate the 10 year old. Ashley felt awful for having exposed Justin, but she was relieved that the bully was now off her back. She just watched as Britney and her posy walked toward Justin.

“What’s going on buddy?” Britney taunted. “Gotta pee?”

“What?” Justin said. “No, I just…”

Britney cut him off. “Oh what’s the matter Justin? Is someone not big and brave enough to take himself to the potty?”

Justin pulled himself together as to not let the older girl see his desperation. He was already struggling as it was to hold it and without the luxury of the pee dance, he didn’t feel any level of confidence that he could make it through recess without having an accident. He was right too. This was his last chance to prove he had the bladder control of a 4th grade boy and he might have been able to do so if fate didn’t step in in the form of a 4’ 6” class bully who was now set on humiliating her classmate. She could see it in Justin’s eyes. He definitely had to pee and for some reason or other he couldn’t go to the bathroom. She knew that that meant she had an easy target on her hands. It wouldn’t take a lot to get her little friend to pee himself right there. Maybe a little intimidation, or a punch to the stomach, or perhaps some tickling.

Britney took so much joy in this idea. Today was going to be a top notch day of bullying. No matter what she was going to make this kid pee himself. That was going to be enjoyable on it’s own, but the results would be rich as well. If he peed in his pants, then that would be hilarious and humiliating for him, but it would mean Ashley was lying about the pull-ups. If that was the case, Britney could go right back to teasing her. Two for one. If he was wearing a pull-up though, young Ashley would be spared and Britney now had a little baby to play with. She saw it as a win either way.

Britney was in Justin’s kindergarten class the day he wet his mat. She remember how everyone teased him about his accidents and everyone knew after that that Justin was a bedwetter and wore pull-ups everyday for nap time. She even witnessed Justin being ruthlessly bullied on the playground to the point he peed his pants. It was very similar to the situation unfolding right now, the key difference being they weren’t in kindergarten anymore. Kindergarteners wet their pants and pee the bed. It’s mostly common. That’s why Britney didn’t pick on Justin back then, as she also wore pull-ups for nap time, but was thankful no one knew.

This time was different however. Britney hadn’t had a wet night since she was 7. She thought it was juicy that Ashley wet the bed in 2nd grade. It was ten times juicier that Justin needed training pants in 4th grade. The only question was, how did she want to expose this juicy revelation. Then a beautiful idea popped into her head.

“You know, I heard a little rumor about you.” Britney said.

“What?” Justin responded frantically fighting his bladder.

“Ashley tells us that you wear some special underwear. You know, to keep your pants dry.”

Justin was shocked he couldn’t believe Ashley told his secret. He really liked Ashley. She was his one big crush and now she was telling the whole 4th grade and any passing by 3rd and 5th graders that he was nothing but a pants wetting baby. How could she do this? He thought she understood. She was still a bedwetter. She still wore pull-ups. It didn’t make sense for her to expose his secret, but it was clear she had.

“Why…” Justin began to cry. “Why would she tell you? She… I…I don’t…”

“It doesn’t matter why she told us.” Britney interjected. “It matters if it’s true or not, and since I don’t here you denying it, I’m going to assume it is. How about that? Our own little Justin still in diapers. Not quite potty trained. You know, we all knew you had trouble back in kindergarten, but you’re still not potty-trained? Maybe you should go back to preschool and try all over again. I don’t see how you made it this far.”

Justin was devastated. Everything Britney was saying was true. He was humiliated and he was too shy to fight back. He was trying so hard to find the courage to say that it wasn’t true, but that would be impossible considering at that moment Britney executed her plan.

“I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves.” She said as she quickly grabbed Justin’s pants and ripped them down exposing the pair of training pants to all the classmates gathered around. Justin went white and felt completely out of body. His heart was racing and his stomach felt upside down as he lost all control of his body out of fear. Britney, and everyone else, watched in delight as the Goodnites around his waist began to develop a growing yellow patch which was rapidly expanding. “Oh buddy, what happened?” Britney teased. “Did someone have an accident? We better go get Ms. Lowe so she can get you changed. Poor little guy.” She laughed and laughed along with all the other kids. This was one of the funniest things they’ve ever seen and none of them had any sympathy for the pants-wetter. The only person not laughing was Ashley. She just stood yards away feeling guilty and ashamed.

It took a moment for Justin to even register the warmth of his pull-up, but once he did, he lost control of his body in a very different way. It was a s if his mind had accepted his childish fate. This was it. His last chance to prove himself and it ended with him peeing himself in front of all his friends and peers, and even his crush, making it his third accident in front of Ashley. Britney was right, he wasn’t potty trained. He needed diapers. He was a baby. He plopped down on the ground, threw his head back and cried with his soiled diaper on display for everyone to see.