McKenna woke up at 9 o’clock Saturday morning. She felt well slept and refreshed and was happy to start her day. That was until she reached under the covers to feel her pajamas. Her heart sank when she felt the squish of the nighttime underwear she had on under her pants. To her embarrassment, she wet the bed, AGAIN.

Of course, bedwetting is something very common and honestly it’s not something to be ashamed of, but it’s much easier to have that mentality toward a 6 year old who’s bladder is still developing, or a 10 year old who had a nightmare resulting in an accident, or even an early adolescent dealing with the stresses of puberty. In all those cases wet beds and Goodnites are fairly acceptable, but an 18 year old high school senior wearing nighttime training pants, even the most sympathetic of people could find that hilarious, or even pathetic.

McKenna knew that’s how people would see her if they found out about her problem. Especially because her mother constantly reminded her of it. Her mom loved her, and took no pleasure in humiliating her daughter, but at the same time she could not be approving of her daughter’s infantile behavior. In her mind, if McKenna acted like a baby she must be treated like a baby. That’s why her daughter wasn’t wearing any sort of adult diaper, or any other face saving mature absorbent padding. She was wearing pull-ups designed for bedwetting children. Her mom figured the embarrassment would cause McKenna to stop her childish behavior, but it hadn’t worked yet.

She hadn’t always been a bedwetter, which is why these accidents were so shameful to McKenna and her mother. They had only started occurring within the last year, and as the year progressed they became more and more frequent. The more she wet, the more she wet. And her younger sister, Skyler, thought it was the funniest thing on earth.

McKenna kept the accidents fairly well hidden from her family at first, but eventually her parents found out and subsequently the 16 year old brat. The first night McKenna woke up in wet sheets was her last week of Summer vacation before her senior year. She was successful in cleaning up the accident without anyone knowing, but when she wet again days later, she was unable to escape being found out when her mother came in to wake her up for the first day of school and found McKenna soaked in pee.

Her mother was not discreet about McKenna’s accident either. She took no effort in concealing it from the household and Skyler laughed out loud when she found out her sister had peed the bed. Skyler couldn’t remember ever wetting the bed and yet her older sister was doing it. And after several more accidents, each one closer to the last, it was Skyler who suggested happily at the dinner table that McKenna wear some protection. The suggestion was humiliating to McKenna, but intriguing to their mother.

“You know, mom… I’ve been thinking about Kenna’s little nighttime problem and I think that maybe she should wear diapers or something. I mean, we don’t want her to ruin her mattress, and besides don’t they make training pants for this exact kind of problem?” The younger sister spat off.

“Skyler!” McKenna objected

“What?” Skyler responded. “I’m just trying to help.” She said with a smile.

“Relax, McKenna. She’s right.” Their mother interrupted the two siblings.

“I agree.” Their father jumped in. “We can’t have you ruining a perfectly good bed, when there are precautions you can take.”

“Exactly.” Mom came back. “Like it or not Kenna, you’re a bedwetter. And bedwetters wear diapers. Simple as that.”

All McKenna could do was blush as Skyler smirked in satisfaction.