Katie’s Saturday morning was not going as she hoped as she loaded her peed on sheets and nightgown into the washing machine, praying the urine stain would come out. All she wanted was a fun sleepover with her friends. She didn’t imagine her best friend would pee all over her and her bed. She couldn’t believe Amy was a bedwetter.

“This is so unfair, Mom. I don’t see why I have to do this laundry.” The 12 year old complained. “I’m not the one who peed all over the place.”

“It was your sleepover party, Katie. You’re responsible for your friends. Besides, why do you think I should have to clean it up?”

“I think Amy should be here doing it. I mean, she completely humiliated me, Mom. She peed all over me and everyone thought I wet the bed. She wasn’t even going to say anything until I exposed her diaper.”

“It wasn’t a diaper, honey. It was a pull-up. And don’t act like you didn’t wear the exact same ones not that long ago.” Alison interrupted.

“I was 8, Mom. Amy’s 12. It’s not the same.”

“Either way, it was still wrong of you to embarrass the poor girl like that. And that’s why YOU’RE washing the sheets. Consider it punishment.”

Katie just rolled her eyes. She didn’t care what her mother said. As she saw it, Amy was nothing but a diaper wearing, bedwetting baby and Katie was going to make sure everyone knew about it. First thing Monday she was going to spread the news through the halls of the school and no one would be going near her former best friend. Katie had a reputation after all. She was the most popular girl in 6th grade and with the other girls at the sleepover witnessing Amy’s accident, the news would surely spread. Katie could not be associated with a 6th grade bedwetter, so she had to act first.

The popular child had zero empathy for Amy. To her, there was no excuse to be wetting the bed in middle school. And there was definitely no way to maintain any type of social status while still wearing potty-training diapers. After she loaded all the soiled laundry into the washing machine, Katie sat down and turned on the Disney Channel where she was reminded of exactly how popular she was. Everyone watched Lizzie McGuire and Katie looked exactly like Hilary Duff in the show. She smiled at that thought and then began to think of the actors on Disney as bedwetters. How ridiculous would it be if Zack and Cody were still peeing their beds? If Amy was still wetting the bed in a few years, which she probably would be, that would be the same thing as Maddie the candy-counter girl still wetting the bed. Could you imagine Ashley Tisdale still in nighttime pull-ups? It wouldn’t happen. Yet, the girl who she thought was her best friend was helplessly peeing herself every night. It was unacceptable.

Of course it was wrong for Katie to think all these things. It’s actually true that 1 in 50 teenagers are bedwetters. Meaning there was a chance that some of those child stars on tv still had occasional nighttime accidents. There was truly no reason for her to be so cruel to one of the kindest and sweetest girls in the 6th grade just because she had a bedwetting problem. But Katie had made up her mind. Amy peed in her bed and she was going to tell everyone. And she was surely going to tease her for it as well. The universe had other plans though. Katie was going to find out exactly why you shouldn’t bully someone for something they can’t control. Karma.

With fresh, clean sheets placed on her mattress, which she was thankful didn’t have a pee stain on it, Katie prepared herself for bed. She was tired from staying up late the night before and waking up early to deal with her friend’s mess, so she didn’t even bother trying to dig for a new night shirt. She just put back on the one she had wore last night after pulling it from the dryer. She was mad to see that Amy’s pee had left a yellow tint on the bottom of the shirt.

“I’ve got to throw this away tomorrow. If anybody sees me wearing this, they’ll think I wet the bed for sure.” She said to herself.

She wasn’t worried about that now though. She just wanted to climb into bed. Even though she was sleepy, Katie still wanted to enjoy her Saturday night and stay up late. She cracked open a can of pop and turned on a movie as she turned out the lights. She managed to finish the soda, but not the movie before the sleep overtook her and she drifted off into her dreams. The girl had no recollection of her dreams when she woke up the next morning, but she felt amazingly well rested. It was still early in the morning, so she rolled over to go back to sleep. When she did, a sudden rush of cold air hit her midsection and she could smell the pee that covered her and her sheets. There was no friend to blame it on this time. Katie wet the bed.

She was in the process of trying to cover up the accident when her Dad walked in.

“What do we have here?” Jeff said looking at his wet daughter.

“Dad!” Katie jumped. “It’s… it’s nothing. I…I…I just spilled something.”

Jeff didn’t buy it. “Kiddo, I’m a father. I know what it looks like when a kid pees the bed. I thought you were done with this.”

“I don’t know what happened. It was an accident. I swear.” The girl tried to reassure her father this was a random one time thing. That’s when her dad noticed the nightshirt.

“Katie. I can tell by your nightshirt that this isn’t your first accident. You can see where it stained from being wet before. If it was the same accident, the stains would blend. I noticed your bedding in the wash yesterday, but I didn’t think anything of it. Be honest young lady. Have you been wetting the bed?”

Katie was too flustered to try and explain fully what had happened and her dad was not understanding what she was trying to tell him. And the parts he did understand, he wasn’t believing.

“Are you telling me that your friend peed your pajamas and then you wore them afterwards. Come on, Katie that’s a toddler excuse. Somebody else peed my pants. You’re better than that.

“But Dad…” Katie tried to refute before being cut off.

“That’s enough. Your obviously having some set backs. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. I’m going to have your mom run to the store and get you some pull-ups for you to wear until we get this taken care of. I love you, sweetheart.”

Her Dad left the room and Katie listened to him tell her mother. She thought for sure her mom would explain the situation with Amy and she would be off the hook, but her mom didn’t say anything. “Was she really going to buy me pull-ups?” Katie thought. When Alison walked by her daughter’s room she looked at her and smirked seeing the wet sheets.

“That’s what you get.”