Exciting stuff! This is my absolutely first experience with ABDL activities and for my very first action I  decided to pee my bed. I haven’t wet the bed since an isolated incident when I was 15 and prior to that, I hadn’t wet since I was 8 years old. I’m 25 now, so it’s been a minute and I’ve never wet on purpose.

To give weight to the term “challenge” I took no effort in protecting my mattress or take any preemptive measures to hide my “accident” (I still live with my parents.) After dinner I began to consume a bottle of water every hour until I went to bed. By 11, my bladder was throbbing and I was very antsy. I got ready for bed like normal and climbed in to lay down.

I had assumed since I was already on the verge of peeing my pants that it would be easy to go in bed, but once I laid down, the urge to pee wasn’t as bad. I guess since gravity wasn’t pushing on my bladder, laying down helped me not have to go so bad. But, ultimately after a couple hours of Netflix (Breaking Bad anybody?) my need to pee was overwhelmingly and i shut off the tv, closed my eyes, and relaxed my muscles. It took a couple of minutes for my body to give in, but eventually I felt the urine escape my body and my butt began to grow warm. I had never felt this before and it was a bit euphoric, honestly.

It was already several hours past my usual bedtime so I was tired and it was pretty easy to fall asleep in the warm puddle, however probably around an hour later, I woke up cold and miserable (that feeling I remembered.) Now I had to make a decision. Like I said, I had not given any thought to how I would handle the aftermath of the wetting just to make the experience more interesting, so I had to figure out how I was going to handle this. Much to my embarrassment, but hopefully to your enjoyment, I decided to go and wake up my mom, telling her I had wet the bed. She was shocked, I was embarrassed (and still am) and I’m hoping my younger sister (19) doesn’t find out.

My mom changed my bedding and did the laundry while I took a shower. I have no idea what my mattress looks like and my mom didn’t mention anything, but considering how much pee there was, I would assume there’s a stain. It’s a grey mattress, though, so maybe it’s okay. Either way it was an exhilarating experience and I look forward to attempting new challenges in the future. As someone who’s never been involved in ABDL or the like, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this, but I actually enjoyed the feeling of wetting myself. I also think I have a slight embarrassment fetish, so that was an added layer.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this, and make sure to send me your requests for future challenges. I’ll be doing 1 every week and it can involve anything wetting or messing related or diaper wearing. Thank you!