2D Characters, Icons & Tiles

* 3 character * 12 icons * Wall - brick


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Candle file


Pixel Characters

- PSD - Transparent background I accept commissions. Drop me a line for a specific asset request or freelance offers. Web: nyknck.com Mail: [email protected]

30+ Pixel Tile Set

Includes PNG files. Transparent background. Sprites. 36 different wall, ground, stone, water, etc.

Dungeon Traps Sprite - Pixel

Transparent background.

Fire Set

Blue Fire Torch Animation Pixel Blue Fire Sprite Pixel Fire Set Pixel Torch Pixel Bonfire Set Fire Animation

FX Package

7 different effect Transparent background

Simple Town Buildings Package

FX Package

11 different effects package

FX Package - VFX101

This package contains the attack, spell, etc. 8 different animated 2D effect sprite that you can use in such cases.

FX Package - VFX102

This package contains the portal, spell, fire. 4 animated 2D effect sprite that you can use in such cases. * 4 effects sprite (Dr. Strange Magic Portal, fire, spell)

Cyberpunk Characters

This package contains 44 cyberpunk characters.

Cyberpunk UI Package

This package contains Cyberpunk UI sprite. * 10 panels, star, lock, heart, etc. * 200+ button * Numbers, map, earth, scroll bar (h-v), battery, etc. * 43 icons (7 colors)

+30 Cyberpunk Sign Package

This package contains Cyberpunk sign package.​​ * 35 sign (Shop, bar, sushi, hotel, open sign, etc.) * 3 poster​s * Transparent background * PSD

Game UI

* +50 buttons * 3 Panel (Modular) * Scroll bar (h-v) * Transparent background * PSD

Sci-fi Game UI

* ​+40 buttons * +15 panels * +5 lines​ * +5 portrait * +20 icons (2 colors) * Scrollbar, Radio button, text area, search bar and more

Farm Game UI

* 3 panels * +200 buttons * Scroll bar (h-v) * 4 bars * +25 icons and more * Transparent background * PSD

Pixel Character Animations

Idle(x2) Walk Attack(x2)(knife & spell animation​) Hurt Dead Jump(with dust animation) ​Transparent background & PNG​ PSD

Attack Effect -FX011

Transparent background & PNG​​

Poison Trap

Transparent background & PNG​

Top-Down View Pixel Creatures

8 different pixel creatures(Idle, hurt, attack) 26 animations Transparent background and PNG PSD

Pixel Art - Numbers

Transparent background & PNG PSD 0-9 numbers sprite

Skull Man

6 animations (walk, sleep, jump, idle, dead, scare​) Transparent background & PNG PSD

Ice Attacks - FX

Transparent background and PNG 3 different effects

Space Ship - UI - Explosion - Shoot

​Space Ship (8) UI Explosion Shoot​ Asteroid Background Transparent background​

Cyberpunk Vehicles

​9 different vehicles​ Explosion Shoot Transparent background​

Attack Effect - Pixel FX 👁‍🗨🔥⛄🎮

3 different colors ​ (Magic, fire, ice) Transparent background & PNG​

Magic Attack - FX012

​Transparent background & PNG​

Spell Effect 2 - FX013

19 frame Transparent background & PNG

Pixel Art Effect - FX014

​Transparent background & PNG

Spell Effect 3 - FX016

13 frame ​Transparent background & PNG

Drone and Robot

Robot and Drone (Move) Transparent background & PNG

Pixel Character - Goblin

4 different animations (Walk, Attack, Dead, Hurt) Transparent background & PNG

Wooden Game UI

+35 buttons Panel, star, lock, heart, etc. Scroll bar (h-v)​​ Transparent background​

Pixel Torch & Skull Torch

​7 frames skull torch 7 frames torch Transparent background

Cyberpunk Character - CPCH001

PSD Transparent background Idle Hurt Move Attack(x2) Dead

Cyberpunk Archer Character - CPCH002

​ PSD Transparent background ​ Idle Hurt Move Attack(x2) Dead​

+50 FX and Objects

This package contains 58 different animated 2D effects and objects.* 58 different effects sprite (spell, attack, magic, spell, smoke, skull, portal, blood, ice, tornado, torch, sand clock, poison, blue fire, etc.)

+110 Pixel 2D FX Package

This package contains 50 different FX packages. There are 113 different colorful FX in total.

+260 Pixel 2D FX Package

This package contains 49 different FX packages. There are 264 different colorful FX in total.


This package contains 5 different effects