David B

writing about retro tech and Commodore 8-bit computers.

I'll write a review for your Commodore game/program and feature it on my website

The review will be no less than 500 words. Upload your .d64 to the link provided and use password "cbmsixty4" to access the cloud share. 5 days later, I'll email you your review.


You will be taken to the reward link after the purchase. We will also send you an email with the reward link.

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Share Your Commodore Programs On Our FTP Server

Upload and share your Commodore 8-bit programs on my FTP server for an entire year! A link to instructions to access the FTP server will be provided after purchase.

"You Spin Me" LaserDisc Poster Art

Link to LaserDisc poster graphic, which you can use to create your own wall hanging or desktop wallpaper.  All proceeds raised will go towards the purchase of movies on LaserDiscs to preserve them and keep them from being lost to landfills.