Anthro Creature Base Bird Addons

This will add 2 new tails and a pair of wings to the Anthro Creature Base

You will be taken to the reward link after the purchase. We will also send you an email with the reward link.

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Bean Puppy Base #1

This is a cute, simple, small PSD base for making little Bean Puppies. Comes with 2 hair styles.You may used this to make and sell adopts. Please don't redistribute.

Anthro Creature - 74 Piece Base .PSD

You are allowed to sell adopts with this base.

7 July Phone Wallpaper 2019

7 lovely wallpapers for you to customize your phone with and share with your friends.

Wolf Taur Adopt Base

This is a 2 pose male and female wolf taur PSD file you can color to make and sell adopts.

3D Kitten Face Model Printable Pendant STL

This is a 3D model file, called an STL. It can be Uploaded and printed at Shapeways or any other 3D printing site. It's about 2 inches in size.

3D Printable Birb

2inches STL file.

Female Ninebreon Base

Don't share or resell base without permission. You are allowed to make and sell adopts using this base.

Potato Maker