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A little coffee goes a long way.

A little coffee goes a long way.

Sep 07, 2021

Nothing happens without support, encouragement, and cooperation of many extraordinary friends, fans, and fellow travelers. I am continuously humbled and appreciative of those who empower me to continue creative, passionate, powerful, and yes, weird works of performance art. My artistic friends and I work hard at what we do and entertain literally thousands of people each year. And it is the musicians and artists to whom many in the community go first to help others - fundraisers, charity events, and more. We musicians and artists and creators are often the first to respond and share, free, to benefit others, our crafts. I have always believed giving is part of the quality of life, and that what comes around goes around. I also believe in the truth of a couple of songs: "You gotta' have friends", and "I get by with a little help from my friends." I hope we all will be those friends to each other, and that we lift each other with our unique talents and skill-sets to help bring people together, tell the stories that make us better, and share the music and art that betters our lives. I have the best friends, fans, and supporters anyone could ever even imagine. It's never about the money or fame or of some need for attention--that's not my motivation ever. It's about articulating ideas into the language of film, paint, writing, performance, music to tell stories and fire the imagination - so that the beauty of our precious "blink" of existence can be felt at the deepest levels for one and all; for the player and the audience, for the creator and the seer.

This year, I've had the opportunity to take the sculpture of Nothing to an international status, to make a independent film with Shamrock McShane that's winning kudos around the world, to write a screenplay that's been a finalist in Final Draft's Big Break competition and been awarded in the top 10% of all scripts on Coverfly. I got to immortalize a disabled duck in a "Duck"umentary with my friends Joey Larson and Elizabeth Ryan, work with Alexander Davidowski at Mirador Studios, judge writing competitions for NYC Midnight, make twenty "Covid" Tabernacle of Hedonism Digital YouTube Shows during the pandemic, create over sixty new works of visual art, release a new original song and video on YouTube, rehearse and perform the play The Duck Variations by David Mamet with Shamrock and perform the thing on an island in Cedar Key for friends and locals--thank you Michael Bobbitt, the Clambassador--(the boat--belonging to the Mayor of Cedar Key--escorted to the island by a pod of freakin' jumping dolphins!). Made eleven independent short comedy films, wrote four articles for Medium, delivered a performance art piece about "grit" for an official TEDx talk, was featured as a comedy bit on the Colbert show, and so much more. Bottom line: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says, "Laughter is the highest state." I've made a lot of people laugh. But not by myself. Never by myself. But because of the extraordinary friends I've been blessed to know. Not a single one of these cool things I've had the experience to conduct gets achieved alone. Life is a collaboration.

My intention is to keep laughing and helping others to laugh, to live up to my obligation to freely and fearlessly speak, to be compassionate and aware, call out the bullshit, create, meditate, and demonstrate what's possible for those who face the impossible.

Thanks for the coffee.

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