Buy Lord Shen a coffee


Hey people, I have been working hard on Project Sakura. And your support is all I have got. Thanks a lot if you decide to buy me a coffee.

You can now buy me a coffee!
Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for the hard work, brother!

Haruka aya
Haruka aya bought a coffee.

So ota problem never happens again 😂😂

I will fix it right away if it happens 😇 

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks a lot 😊

@2garcz bought a coffee.

I love your work, im building for google pixel (sailfish) at the moment of writing

Thanks a lot for the support 😊 and good luck for your build, I hope it turns out very good.

i have actually applied for sailfish and im not sure whether to do marlin, too. both builds have xda page already though Lol