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We're driving around the world in our Campervan 'Trudy

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We're driving around the world in our Campervan 'Trudy

Attempting to visit every country in the world and share it with you via YouTube. Driving around the world Jan 2020.Hopefully inspire you to live your dream whatever it may be xx

THANK YOU for supporting our blogs and vlogs as we TREAD the Globe. We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to be able to share our dream as it unfolds and to show you the far flung corners of the Globe. More importantly we LOVE coffee !!! So when we brake down and google the local mechanic rest assured the coffee you have bought be more welcomed than you will every realise.  

Remember - Don't ever loose your sense of humour 

thanks again 

Marianne & Chris :)
Anne-Marie Madsen
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💖Enjoy your coffee, where you are 😍 all the best from Anne-Marie In Denmark

Daniela Slater
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I would love to go on a camper van trip. I don't think we could match your amazing videos! Enjoy your coffees! 😍

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Enjoy seeing where you are on your travels....thanks for the inspiration and energy you share. Best wishes Nicki

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Marianne & Chris, Our missing stickers turned up today! Postmarked 28th October! Thanks for sending replacements in the meantime!! Have some coffee on us! Woo Hoo XXX