Buy Jude: Rebel Leader a pizza


I’m Jude & I’m 14. I’m still working on getting the funds for building my own PC and I have a goal to get everything I need & finish the whole PC so I can build it and watch Joe Biden’s Inauguration LIVE from my very own home built PC. I’m still short funds for the thing, but I asked for cash from my parents this Christmas and that’ll help me get closer to this goal of mine. I do know they can only cover a small amount plus they’ve been giving me some small allowances bc I’m trapped inside bc of Covid and my asthma. 

IF you would like to help me make my 1/20/21 goal come true, please consider donating any amount to help me out. Every penny will help and I’ll be grateful forever too. 

IF you want to donate but you can’t for whatever reason please just send me some good vibes instead and do not feel guilty either. I know things are tough out there for most Americans rn and I don’t want to make things worse for other people 🙏