I will never go back to work for someone again!

That’s what I said and I am saying and will always say..

Enough is enough, been there done that for many years but no one appreciates.

Yes, I can’t deny I was getting money that could feed me and my family but the fear of losing my job.

The fear of people around, the gossip, the mistreatment, and judgment is terrible!

… Ready?

First things first: Mindset!

You have to develop a hard-working mindset and provide accurate and valuable information.

The more you work hard is the more you will be successful.

I am giving you step by step on how to start a blog and make money for free.

I will not ask you to join my course for $200 or $1900 as most of the gurus sell this kind of information.

You always see ads or YouTube titles like this make $10,000 in six months,

These gurus know how to get into our minds and make us believe them, I was there and I know how it feels.

Don’t worry you are going to learn this and more from my website for free.

Follow me step by step and you will succeed, you will be happy to see how easy it is to set up your first blog in a few hours’ time.

My name is Shaikha, know more about me here

So, why I`m I giving you this information for free? ..

Because I know the pain of wasting money, I have paid a lot of money I did not know:

  • Creating a website is a few steps

  • Starting a blog and make money is a few steps

  • Targeting the right audiences is a few steps

I spent a lot of money buying courses after courses.

And the sad part is that inside the courses they promote other programs to make you pay more and more.

They don’t even show you that there is an option of getting those programs for free or an alternative that can be cheaper or free.

And this is the main reason why, as soon when I understood the game around online business.

I decided to help others to grow.

And I don’t want you to do the same mistakes that I did.

The world is changing, before you know it the will be no one is working outside their homes.

We have already seen it since the pandemic started early this year.

Some companies till today Sep 2020 decided to let their staff continue working from home.

It is easy for companies because they don`t have to pay for bills and office rent.

Workers will be more productive working in their own homes, knowing no one is disturbing their minds.

So, learn how to start a blog and make money, you will not need to work for anyone.

The job market is crazy nowadays.

You have never done this before? , Don`t worry I've got you covered!

Let’s Get Started…

What Is A Blog?

To learn how to start a blog and make money, you need to know what is a blog first.

In simple words, a blog is a platform that contains information to guide or fulfill people`s needs.

Information provided by written on a website.

A blog can be a simple one page or more pages, a few stages, and your website will be up and running.

Stage # 1

What Are You Going To Blog About?

This initial stage for some people is so hard.

Thinking about what are they going to blog about (Niche), the niche is a term used in online business.

A niche is an idea, it is a field or type of the things or services that people are looking for.

A niche is that question someone has and they go online and search about.

Before we go further, I want you to know this.

No matter what you are blogging about, you will not make money because your niche is fancy.

But you will make money because of helping people solve their problems.

Answer their questions, and guide them to what they are looking for.

The more you make easy their lives, is the more your business will grow.

If you are new and want to know more about niche before we go further read what are the profitable niche

I know what you are thinking.

”Will I be able to provide the information to fulfill people`s needs?

Yes, you will be able to provide that information no doubt.

The world has become very small, and everything is online.

People got too lazy or too busy to look here and there they want everything in one place.

Or they want someone to hold their hands and show them this is what you have been looking for.

And this is an advantage for people like me and you, we are ready to work for them, we are ready to hold their hands and show them the right place to get what they are looking for.

The Following Tips Will Help You To Pick A Niche.

  • Try to base your niche under 2 categories Health or Wealth but not necessarily.

  • Choose a niche that you enjoy, or you know about.

  • If you chose that which you don’t know, try to learn about it online or from people.

  • Focus on your audience if you have any.

  • If you don’t have an audience at the moment, don’t worry.

  • Start blogging and when you have good quality content, people will find your blog on google.

  • If at all you don’t know what to do, Google is your best friend.

  • Type anything on the google search bar related to health or wealth.

  • The search results you get are what people are searching for.

  • When Searching, start the sentence using words : How, What, Why or Which.

You can also use your own experience, what kind of struggle that you have been through.


Were you working or still are working?

  • How do you face people at work, how is your boss, do you have any issues?

  • So you got your niche.

  • Start a blog: how to deal with a weird boss.. lol

  • How to deal with cow workers.

Have you been in debt and you are now free or looking to be free?

  • Start a blog on how to live a debt-free lifestyle.

  • How to save money to pay your debts.

  • How to start a blog and make money.

Have you gone through a divorce? Or lose your job?

  • How did you face a difficult time?

  • Start writing how to overcome emotional stress.

  • How did you support yourself financially?

Are you into gardening?

  • Start a blog share your experience about gardening.

  • How to start gardening.

  • Where to buy gardening materials

Are you good at repairing different things around the house?

  • Start a blog showing people how to repair different things at home, kind of DIY blog.

  • How to start a workshop and repairing stuff.

  • Where to buy cheap repairing tools.

Are you a football fan?

  • Start a blog about your favorite player.

  • What is his name?

  • Where is he from?

  • When did he play the best?

  • How many times he scored and in which country?

  • Where was his last game? and where is he now, and so forth?

There are so many things out there to blog about.

I know you are thinking, yeah right, they all make it sound so easy.

The truth is that it is not hard at all, it only needs consistency and determination.

Provide good content and watch how your website is jumping to the first page on google.

Stage # 2

How To Start Blogging And Make Money?

Starting your blog and make money online is easy.

Yet, it is only easy if you work hard and provide accurate information.

When you start today, don’t expect to start earning after a month, but the sooner you start is the sooner you will be successful.

It needs a good quality of work and consistency.

It takes 3 to 6 months for Google to trust that, you are honest and reliable to be on page one.

You need a website, there are two ways, one is free (not advisable) and the other way is a paid website.

You can start free with Google sites, WordPress or Wix

The Problem With Free Websites

  • You cannot make much money as you wish.

  • Most companies that you want to do business with, don’t accept free platform.

  • Lack of credibility, you will have some initial name of their company at the end of your website.

  • This shows that your users and Google will not take your website seriously.

  • You will receive a lot of spam and Google can penalize you for the spam activities.

  • You get very limited customer services, in fact, most of them don’t have customer support.

  • Slow website: Your website is free, so you have limited memory.

  • Slow websites means no one will stay longer when they visit.

  • Hosting: Your hosting company is not responsible for your website, they can switch it off at any moment.

Invest In A Long Term Solution.

Now, let`s create a website.

Get a paid website so you can stay away from all those worries.

If you have a long-term plan for your business, which I am sure we all have.

Consider having a paid services, you get more out of it and motivate yourself to work hard on your website…

You don’t have much to spend? don’t worry.

Siteground offers a special discount for first-timers.

I have been with other hosting companies and had a terrible experience.

But siteground is very reliable that is why I am giving my affiliate link.

For just $100 you can start your website and change your life.

Siteground offers an unbeatable plan, I always recommend them due to their essential features.

Performance, security, and customer support are top-notch.

Their employees are very helpful in any problem that you may face with your website.

Don’t fear to invest a little for a start.

As soon as you see your website running, you will feel happy and this will motivate you to work more.

I remember the first time I saw my website under my name, I was wow.. this is my business and I am the boss, the CEO! so excited.

To start a website you need a domain name and hosting.

A domain name is the name of your website, this also, makes a lot of people get confused but let me explain.

What Name Shall You Name Your Website

You can name it as per your niche but this is not necessary.

Google doesn’t care nowadays.

Google themselves did not call themselves searchers for example.

They called it Google and we don’t even know what does that means, but today who doesn’t know them?

So you can call any name.

Tips For A Name For Your Website

  • Use .com instead of other domains

  • Choose short name

  • Easy to pronounce

  • Easy to remember, when someone visits they should be able to remember.

What Is Hosting? It’s like how you host your guests, hosting is a home for your domain.

You are renting a place to store your website, you are using your website but they are keeping it safe for you 24/7.

What Else Do I Need To Start A Blog And Make Money?

You will need WordPress THEME, Pop up or landing page and Email Autoresponder

What is WordPress? WordPress is free software, it is content management for your website.

It helps to create your website, without you needing to know about more techy stuff.

It helps you to manage your content.

There is other software out there but WordPress is the popular one.

A theme is an overall look of your website, style, layout, colors, it is what represents your brand in how it looks.

What is popup or landing gape? this is for the lead magnet, lead magnet is a simple gift you give to your visitors in exchange for their email ID.

You need their email ID to keep in touch with your visitors for further communication and business.

What Is An Autoresponder? When you have a big list of clients you will be very busy.

The Autoresponder will send updates or reminders to your clients.

You set it and it will work for you.

There are paid and free autoresponder programs.

Among the good ones is Aweber, it starts free until when you have 500 visitors.

This is a good start, when you have 500 visitors you will start seeing sales, so you can invest by upgrading for more space.

Creating A Website

Start your website here.

Next page, start with a start-up plan which is $6.99/month, and later in the future, you can upgrade when your business expands.


The price is really cheap for first-timer, so if you are able to take this advantage and sign up for 2 or 3 years, the charges will be the same as first-timer.

One year hosting is $83.88 plus domain registration $15.95

There are other services but you don’t need them, because you will have free plugins which provide the same services.

What are the plugins? , A plugin is an Add-on to help your theme working side by side on your website.

A plugin is like how we install apps on our phones to do some service for us.

So, whatever we require to help create our website with all the features we need these plugins.

Next screen …

Fill in the domain name that you have decided to be your website name.

Click next …

Fill in all information required on the next page.

Tick to accept terms of services and click PAY NOW.

The page will ask you to hold for 2 minutes, then you will be advised that your account was successfully created.


On Set up your new startup hosting account, tick start a new website

On the same page, I recommend you to add privacy, select: Add Domain Privacy it is $12.

Click complete setup.

Next screen: 

Click on Proceed to Customer Area.

But if you are on a budget leave you don`t have to add it, but in the future, you will have to apply for it.

On the same page, set up an admin email and password.

This will be your admin user and password.

Click confirm.

Next screen

Tick to confirm that you have read and agree to the SiteGround Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Click complete setup.

Next screen:

Click on Proceed to Customer Area.

Next page click on My Account.

Next page.

Click on Go to Admin Panel.

Next page.

Sign in

Welcome to Your WordPress Site! … this is the welcome message to your new website 


Choose a fancy design for your website!


Here you will see a page with a lot of Themes.


There are free and paid themes, you will choose which one you prefer to be the background of your website.


Themes like: The Gym (free), lets you customize your website in an efficient way.




Next page: You will find some free useful plugins recommended by site ground.


The above image is just an example but there are more useful plugins.

I recommend installing Yoast, Google Analytics, and Contact Form

Yoast, this plugin helps to inform you when there is something is missing in your blog.

Where you are lacking in your content to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it actually helps you to increase your ranking on google.

Google Analytics will help you to see the statistics of your website, like how many people have visited your website, how long did they stay and where are they from.

Contact form will help you setting up forms on your website.

When you visit other people`s websites you see those small boxes asking you to subscribe or contact us, all of that can be set up from this plugin.

You will also need to connect your website to Google Search Console and Site map.

We are going step by step so don’t worry…

These plugins will help you in ranking in Google, they inform Google as soon as you publish new blog. 

If you just click and set them up, your website will be ready!

But if while setting up you stuck somewhere, you can ask in the comment section below in this post, I will be glad to guide you through.

About Theme : You are able to change your  Theme at anytime, but when you have your contents up, you better back up before playing with Themes so you don’t lose your work while changing Theme.

Now what you are seeing is your Dashboard, this is an Admin panel.

It is where you can change and remove or add anything that you don’t want.

On the left side, all those buttons are all you need to set up, edit or change your website and blog. 

Let’s set up your URL…

On the left side in your Admin Dashboard, go to settings and click Permalinks.

You will see the drop-down as shown below, select Post Name.

Permalink is URL structure of your website.

Select Post Name, which means every post you publish will show its complete link to make Google and readers understand.

How To Install Google Analytics And Connect To Google Console.

You must have a Gmail account to make all of these work, if you don`t have Gmail, sign up for one now.

Go to google and type google analytics.

Follow through and set up your account.

When you are signing up it will ask you, your website so keep it ready.

The system will give you a code, copy it to paste in your blog.

Now on your Dashboard left side, you will see plugins click New.

On the search bar type: Google Analytics

Dashboard Plugin.. see the image below,  install and activate this plugin.

This plugin will help you connect Google Analytics to your website, otherwise, there is a long way of doing this and it involves coding, and it’s complicated for a new user.

Again on the left side scroll down and you will find this plugin which you just installed, it will show as Insights click on it and go to settings.

On the next screen select your profile and then click ALLOW

Next screen select your website profile to Authenticate with Monster Insights.

Click I am not a robot, and click Complete Authentication.

Done!! Congratulations …

Now if you go back to your Dashboard and click Insights, you will be able to see how your site is doing.

You are now connected to Google console.

What Is Google Search Console..?

Google search console is a free tool that tells Google about your website and where to find your blogs every time you post them.

It also helps you know and improve how Google views your site.

Lets Connect…

Proceed to Google sites


Create your account

Next screen.

On the left side click Add property and then add your website.

Google will verify your account and will notify you, click DONE

Now that you are done with setting up a tool that will tell you how Google views your site.

Lets set up your domain site map that will help to submit your site to other search engines.

Remember the plugin that we added called Yoast?

Go to your Dashboard and on the left side look for Yoast, click General.

Next screen Click Features.

Click on a question mark on XML sitemaps.

Click on the link in blue as seen below.

Next screen copy your website from the top.

Go to your Google Search Console click on Sitemaps as seen below.

Paste your website link which you copied from Yoast as seen below, and click SUBMIT.

We are all set, when you publish any of your work, Google will get it and submit to the search engine.

Your website will be seen by other search engines, you will start seeing people visiting your website.

About Themes

The Theme we selected is powered by Elementor, Elementor is better than just WordPress Themes.

Elementor is a fantastic page builder plugin, which replaces basic WordPress, there are a free vision and paid version.

Elementor can help you build your blog with all those flying colors and beautiful headings.

It is an easy and user-friendly tool for when writing your blog.

The free version has everything limited, the pro version is amazing, it just costs $49 for the full year.

About Plugins

There are many free plugins but be careful do not to install plugins that you really don’t need, they may conflict with other plugins and make your site slow.

The fewer the better.

If visitors won’t like your content or won’t see clearly what they are looking for, they don’t get what they expected they will leave your website.

Google takes it seriously about how much time people take on your website, and they see how people navigate.

If people concentrate on one place and read, this shows they like what they read and this is what they are looking for, if not this will hurt your website.

There is something called Bounce Rate, if the bounce rate is high it means your site is poorly constructed, but if the bounce rate is low it means your website is doing very well.

This is where also Google Analytics helps you to see the behavior of your visitors.

Should you worry about the bounce rate? Yes and No

Because sometimes the bounce rate is because visitors found what they are looking for in the first minutes, so they get it easy and leave the site.

But just keep watching the behavior of your visitors through Google Analytics.

You have to know why they don’t stay longer.

When you know the problem, solve it immediately if it’s about the content lean ways to keep your visitors engaged and interested.

The best way to correct your content is to update your old content.

Sometimes the information you have provided is old, or it can be the font or the color is just making them feel nah ..I’m out!

Your visitors expect you to be competent, and they expect to read new content too, so make a plan to post frequently.

When you post make sure you are making a very meaningful post, with a lot of information.

Make long posts, it doesn’t matter that’s what Google likes, fully beneficial and detailed post.

Add some graphs, images to help them understand deep.

Avoid writing long sentences or long paragraphs, short sentences are more understandable.

Most people don’t fully read content, they just scan through so give them what they need in detail.

There are those who will read in full, and there are those who will scan but at least they get what they are looking for.

Another tip is to produce visual content, images based content.

Find clear images, if you can take pictures by your camera that’s great.

Edit your images with a clear message on it.

People focus more on images, they make them read and concentrate more.

Balance your content and images, don’t put a lot of images in one post.

Avoid copy-paste other people’s work, you can read and learn but never copy-paste, you will ruin your work.

Don’t post what is not related to your niche.

Don’t use tricks to bring visitors to your website, such as Black Hat, read more here.

Now let’s move to the next step where you will learn about writing and publishing your content.

What Are Contents And What Are The Posts And Blogs?

They are almost the same, the content is the information that you write in your blog, posts are blog posts this is where your contents put on.

How To Create Pages On Your Website

Pages come already with Themes, all you have to do is to edit them and replace them with the wording according to your needs.

Example of pages :

  • Home page – The Home page is very important, this is where you will tell your visitors what your website is all about, and this is where it will be easy for them to navigate from.

    Using Elementor pro, you can create a very beautiful Home page, that will look attractive to the eyes of your audiences.

    Watch WpCrafter youtube channel, he teaches step by step how to create beautiful pages.

  • About Us Page – Tell your visitors who you are and a little background about you and your goals.

  • Legal Page – it is important to keep things clear, a disclaimer will be sufficient to say all that you do is legal.

  • Contact page – This is where you will add a form in which your visitors will be able to reach you.

You can create more pages according to your needs and requirements.

In the future, you will be providing pieces of training/courses so you can create a page for that.

To create a page, left side of your dashboard you will see pages, click and Add new.

To edit a page, instead of Add page click All pages, all pages will show up, put your cursor under any page name then click edit.

How To Start Writing A Blog Post?

First create categories, so that your posts will be organized each on its own folder according to its content.

If you don’t categorize your posts, your posts will fall under uncategorized, it will look unprofessional.

For example, if you are writing about a health and fitness blog.

You can categorize your posts as below

  • Diet

  • Recipes

  • Proteins

  • Exercise

This will make your work easy and will make your visitors happy seeing everything in one place.

Nowadays people have no patience, they don’t like to stay too long on a website without getting what they are looking for, for hours.

You can create as many categories as you wish.

How To Create Categories

On the left of your Admin dashboard, click Post – Categories.

In the  Add new category form, fill the name as it appears on your site, the slug is a URL friendly type of name.

An example of this post I am writing the slug will be: how-to-start-a-blog-and-make-money, the last part after .com is the slug.

The slug can be edited when you are writing your post.

The parent category can be the same as the category.

For example:If your niche is about hot drinks, you will create category 1 Tea, category 2 Coffee, Category 3 Milk

1-The blow posts will go under the Coffee category.

Which is the best coffee brand.

Which country produces the best coffee.

What is the most expensive coffee in the world?

2-The below posts will go under the Tea category:

Best tea producer 

What tea is best in winter

Where to buy green tea online

3-The below posts will go under the Milk category

Why New Zealand milk is the best.

What to add in hot milk during winter.

What are the benefits of cold and hot milk.

Lets continue…

The description needs to be filled as well, it helps when it comes to search engine optimization.

On the left side of your Admin dashboard, you will see comments.

This is where you will see all the comments from your visitors.

Then you will see Appearance, this is a section that has your theme.

You can add social media links to your blog in appearance – widgets.

In Appearance, you can set banners for any of the links that you want people to click to purchase anything that you sell or give free.


Settings on your Admin dashboard are for you to edit and add the following features on your website.

  • Comment settings

  • Change your User Name or Email

  • Time and date settings

And many more features can be added or edited in settings.

We have covered what is needed to start a website, and I don’t want to overwhelm you but just like in anything the right detailed foundation is very important.

If you build a solid foundation in a year’s time you will be surprised to see how far you have gone for a short period of time.

Let’s Start Creating Our First Blog Post.

On the left side of your Admin dashboard, click Post – New.

You can write your post using WordPress or Elementor.

But as we have mentioned before, elementor has the best building blocks and everything is in front of you.

I am writing this blog while seeing how it will look like at the same page.

I don't have to go click the review page and come back to this page.

Add a title: Your title is very important we will discuss this later in detail.

Your title should be exactly what people are searching for, how do they type on Google search bar.

This is where something called keyword comes in place.


What is a Keyword in the blogging world?


In a simple explanation, a Keyword is a word that people use to search in search engines.

Remember: Niche is an idea and keyword is the words how they type them on Google search bar.

The keyword is important.

Do your best to find the right keyword so you can provide the right information to the people online.

This is how you seduce google to chose you and place you on their first page.

For you to know what people are looking for and how do they search in search engines, you need some tools. 

There are free and paid online tools.

These tools will help you to know exactly how many people are searching for a particular item.

And how do they type on search engine (the words).

These tools will give you suggestions of what exactly people are searching for in Google.

Using these suggestions in your blog will get your site to show to the right people.

How To Find Keywords.

Open Google and do a search of anything according to your niche.

When searching in Google bar, Google will give you drop-down suggestions.


Those suggestions are gold to us bloggers.

Because those are the most common phrases searched.

Click on the long tail keyword (the detailed one) and we discussed before.

The first few pages you see may or may not have a sign “Ad“

If the first few websites have Ads sign.

Keep scrolling and pay attention to the other websites under those which are advertised. 

The first few pages after those with Ads sign, are the website which a ranking by the same keyword that you were searching for.

Open a few of those websites and get some ideas about why these websites are ranking on Google.

How they design their websites and how they present information, the structure of the blog, and the images.

Other Free Keyword Search Tools.

  • Answer the public

  • Keyword keesheeter

  • Isigraph

The above keywords tools have free and paid system, using the free version is okay for a start.

Which Keyword Should You Choose?

Always start your sentence in search engines using these words – words – How, What, Why, Which, and Who.

These are the phrases people use when they start searching.

Example :

  1. How to start a blog

  2. What to use for cleaning a laptop screen,

  3. Why the menu bar in my laptop is not showing

  4. Which country is the richest in the world

  5. Who is the best football player?

Always chose long tail, the long-tail keywords are those searched in detail.

If you look at the image above you will see the long tail of this blog I am writing now.

You will see the long tail keyword is the same as the title of this blog.

How to start a blog at home without money.

Why using these long-tail keywords? .. because you will be targeting specific people and you will be solving the exact problem.

Next step…

Note down three related long-tail keywords, not necessary for them to exactly match.

Now starting writing your post, your heading should have the main keyword.

Your first 100 words can have the next keyword.

In the middle of your post and at the end, use other keywords or use the first keyword again.

Try mixing them here and there but it should be natural.

Don’t just place them anywhere just because you want them to be in your blog.

When uploading images in the title use these keywords.

The key here is to provide the right answers to the right people when they search on Google or any other search engine.

They will get a website (blog) that provides a solution to their problem.

Take action and move the to next step—-

Don’t worry if you are not good at computers, you will learn the skills on your way up.

And don’t listen to anyone tells you that, you cant do it.

Most of those who are successful will try to make it sound it’s very difficult to start an online business.

So they can sell you their courses and software.

Below is an example of how you will start writing your title.

Keep attention to the permalink, below your title.

The permalink is the slug we spoke about, you can edit it, the shorter the better.

Click on Edit with Elementor and follow the steps.

Follow this video from Elementor website.

It is okay if your first post/blog will not look nice, later you can edit it.

The important thing is to make sure your blog is readable and understandable, and the plugin Yoast will tell you what is lacking.

Remove fear, the more you write is the more you learn.

The most important is to START a blog.

Always keep in mind you are learning, no matter how successful you become.

So don’t give up, keep learning, and do a lot of search on Google and YouTube.

There are a lot of free information online which can lead you to produce the best blog posts.

Never try to be perfect in your work, no one is perfect and those who are successful they started somewhere.

Now let’s talk about traffic.

What Is Traffic?

In online business, traffic is referred to as visitors, aka website users.

Different visitors will come to your website, some will benefit you and others may harm your site if they are a scam.

There are two types of traffic.

Free and paid traffic

Free is also divided into two, one is organic and the other is spamming.

The best traffic is organic traffic.

Paid traffic can make you spend a lot of money without any good results.

Or you may get traffic but they will be there temporary.

Sometimes paid traffic works well but, other times it doesn’t.

Free traffic…

1-Free dangerous traffic, I called dangerous because, it is used by some people by spamming, they go to any forums or FB pages and spam.

They may get some people to click and visit their website, but this is not a reliable way of generating traffic.

Most of the random people who hang in FB groups or forums are the same people as you.

They are also looking to sell their products as you, or invite people to visit their website.

The only thing that can help you with this kind of traffic, is to provide valuable information to people.

Before you share your link, you need to help them with accurate content, or pointing them to the right sources.

You need to stand out from the crowd, be different from them, provide REAL thing.

To avoid spamming and do this in the right way read my other post, Three Free Traffic Sources

2-Free Organic traffic is to create good content, beneficial and attractive, and present it to help people.

Google will rank you for your honesty good work.

You will get free traffic due to your hard work, and this is the very best way.

If at all you are struggling with getting visitors, get this E-book for as less as $4 in kobo app (five free traffic sources) , and learn how to find free traffic.

This takes us to the next step.

Email Marketing

Remember we spoke about Autoresponder? This is where it comes beneficial to your business.

You will need to start collecting your visitor’s emails to keep in touch.

You will set up a popup or on your contact page requesting them to subscribe.

You will set up your autoresponder to send them a thank you email when they subscribe.

You will set up a follow-up email after two days just to ask them how do they enjoy reading.

You will set up an email out every time you have a new post on your blog.

Autoresponder can help you do a lot of work-related to email at one go.

All of these can be done using Aweber.

Converting Your Visitors To Customers.

Your visitors now are not visitors anymore, they are your clients and potential customers.

Some of them will become your friends too.

Now it is time to convert them to customers, so they can buy your products.

The good news is that because you already provided a lot of free good and detailed information that they were searching for.

You were honest in all details and you have kept them engaging with new content and make close contact, it will be easy for them to trust you.

Another way to make a good relationship with your audiences is to provide a gift, which could be a free E-book or free training.

Create a PDF file as E-book or Training and attach to your autoresponder.

Connect to your website/blog , when they click it to receive their gift they will fill the form and they will be told to confirm their email.

You can get online free E-books that are legal to be used by anyone, download them, and give them away to your visitors, but you need to edit them a lot because they are overused.

Lets Recap…

1-Treat your blog as a business.

2-Know your audience, where they are, their needs, and what gender and age.

3- Be ready to invest at least for a website at the start.

4-Stick to one specific niche, don’t blog more than one niche on the same website, maybe after seeing the good results you can start another niche

5-Don’t copy-paste from other people`s blogs, you can learn and get the idea but never copy-paste.

6-Set up a pop-up page or landing page from day one.

7-Collect Emails to keep in touch with your audiences from the start.

8-Keep a plan in your mind for selling your service or products from day one.

9- Create the content that people need, what are their needs, what are they searching for.

10-Don’t use weird fonts, use simple fonts and simple English.

11-After some time, keep in mind that you will have to hire people to help you, you can struggle alone at the beginning, but later you will need someone to help you.

12-Never stop learning.

13-Consistency is a must, and never give up.

14- If you are still struggling with finding a niche, or what domain (website) name, contact me leave a comment with your email, I will make sure to help you out.

15-Stay safe and positive.

Wish you all the best in your business. to learn more about starting your business online for free visit us here