How To Start Online Business From Home.

How Easy It Is?

Starting an online business from home is as simple as 1 2 3, but maintaining it, it is where a lot of people fail.

People give up too soon when they see it takes time to gain that first dollar.

Mindset is very important when starting any business or any life change.

Always motivate yourself by listening and be around positive people.

What is needed is consistency and determination.

Stay positive!

Lets get started …

The Beauty Of Starting Online Business From Home.

·      The companies do not need you to show your previous experience or qualifications as long as you know you are capable of doing the job.

·      No judging cow-workers.

·      No strict timing, if you can meet the deadline you won.

·      No one cares where have you been working from or what you have been doing.

There are many ways to start an online business at home for free.

In this post, we going to mention 7 of them and we will pick one which is easy and will not cost you money to start.

List Of Online Business To Start From Home For Free

1-Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is easy and does not need money to start an online business at home.

This post will guide you step by step how to start affiliate marketing business.

How does Affiliate Marketing works?

Advertise or sell other people`s products or services and get paid a commission.

The good thing with this kind of business is that you don’t need to have your own products, in other words, you become a middleman.


What is a blog?

I have a detailed blog where I hold your hand and show you step by step to start a blog.

Otherwise continue reading below to get an idea of starting a blog.

A blog is an online platform where anyone or a group of people start a website or a single page.

When you start a blog, you should aim to help people get what they are searching for, give accurate and reliable information to people.

Start your online business at home for free through your blog, by just answering peoples inquires, for example :

People wants to know about the quality of some products or services.

You start a blog on how to create or innovate some products or services.

What is better between this brand and that brand.

Which country is cheap to travel to or to live?

How to start online business at home?

And many more information that people are searching online.

Now that you are reading this blog because you were searching for information.

Who Is A Blogger?

A person who owns a blog is a blogger.

A blogger can have their blog for fun, for their personal use or they can start online business for free or paid account.

In this post, we are going to discuss about business blog.

A blogger must give values to the readers with the correct information to gain trust.

The more a blogger provides good content and frequent updates is the more the website gets popularity.

And this is how the website gains more visitors and values.

How To Start A Blog?

Choose your niche to focus on, what is a niche? Niche is a business term which means, a type or subject of business or service.

Learn more about choosing profitable niche.

Create a website, you can start free websites from Wix or google sites.

If you are planning to grow and brand your business, you will have to spend at least $150 and start a paid website and email marketing tool.

Most of the companies that you will want to work with, they will take you serious if you have a paid website, some companies will not even accept you in their affiliate program if you have free website.

The best hosting company which has great customer services,  I always recommend is site ground

An autoreponder is very nice tool that will help you to get email ID`s from your potential customers.

But as promised, In this tutorial we are learning to start online business from home for free, so we will use free websites.

Pick a name for your website, it is not necessary that, your website name must match with your niche, it is nice though.

There are remarkably successful websites out there which their names don’t match what they offer, such as google, Peps, Amazon, and many more

Choose short and sweet name for your website that people will always remember to come back.

If you want a well created website, get someone to create a website for you from Fiverr. This is if you are going to spend little money.

For your blog to rank in google you will have to draft your blog using the right key words.

What Are The Keywords?

Keywords are the ideas of words which are most searched in search engines.

To find the right keywords use Google search.

Go to google search bar and type a question related to your niche.


If your niche is about diet , you will type on google search bar:

·      How to lose weight.

·      How to lose belly fat.

·      How to lose weight in two weeks.

When you type, Google will show you suggestions in  a drop down.

Note down the longest questions ides, and use them when writing your blog.

Use these keywords in different places in your blog, as below:

·      One of the longest key word use it on the title heading of your blog.

·      Repeat these key words in the middle of the blog and at the end, this action will tell google what is your blog all about.

·      Start blogging, concentrate on content, give more details but accurate.

·      Open an account with Amazon associate, learn step by step about amazon affiliate and get links of the products to sell in your website.

·      Join affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Learn step by step how to make money online with ClickBank and get the links of the products to sell.

·      If you use site ground as your web hosting, they have an affiliate program, you can share it as I shared it here.

Bloggers benefits from their blogging in so many ways.

As a blogger whether you start your online business for free or paid, but you will make money in no time if you work hard.

You can sell their own products.

You can sell other people`s products (affiliate marketing)

You can sell your website in future for profit, when the website is running and having a lot of visitors it will have high values, you can put any price and people will buy it.

You can be sponsored by big companies.

3-Freelancer – (Article/Copy Writter/Cv`s/Editing)

A freelancer is someone who sets his own time, becoming own boss, in other words, a self-employed.

Freelancer is an effective way  to start an online business at home. 

It needs a lot of work to become a freelancer if you do not have skills, but it works.

If you have skills and you know how to set your time you can start an online business at home for free today.

Freelancer has many branches; you can work for one company or many companies at a time.

As Freelancer you can work for random people who need your service, or you can join companies such as :

·      Fiverr

·      Upwork

·      People per hour

·      Freelancer

Most business people are using these companies to find part time workers.

It requires good English language for you to be able to provide good service and get recognized.

And if you are good at providing good service, your customers will write good review.

The more you get good reviews is the more people will trust you and is the more money you will make.

Create a detailed beautiful profile, explaining your skills and what services you are able to offer and the quality you can provide.

Start by charging low until when you get a few good reviews then you can increase your charges.

4-Web Developer

You need skills on HTML, CSS and Javascript and all other things such as CSS and CSS framework

If you have skills, you can work on your part-time or a time that is convenient for you at your home.

You can work for anyone who requires your services or you can join the companies as mentioned above.

5-Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistant is to work for big companies as admin online.

Job description: Customer service, formatting, emails, diary management and all other basic admin work.

You will get paid per task not per hour.

Create a nice detailed profile in craigslist, indeed, or any of the websites mentioned on this post on item # 3.

6-Online Education

E-learning is climbing to $325 billion by 2025 according to Tj McCue Senior contributor in Forbes

If you are good in health or wealth knowledge, you can leverage this, you can start your online business at home for free by making these courses.

Create a digital course or mastermind, a paid training program or mentor-ship, topics such as:

·      How to lose weight.

·      How to start a diet.

·      How to stay healthy after 50.

·      How to make money online.

·      How to start a business online.

And so many other topics related to health or wealth.

These two topics are the hot topics searched by people online, but you can also create topics on other subjects as long as you have a proper knowledge about what you are going to offer.

Create a Facebook group invite family and friends, ask them to add their friends.

Give a lot of quality information before starting advertising about your business.

When you gain trust from people, start advertising your business with small charges.

Give away free e-book or short courses.

When your company grows, that will be the right time to start charging more, but at the start you should start with offering free and if you charge, charges little.

You can also sell these courses in a website

7-Become An Author

Absolutely you can start online business at home for free by selling your own books, its called self publishing.

Start writing E-books and sell them in Amazon Kindle Store or Kobo writing life.

If you love writing or have some skills its very easy, but even if you don`t you can start slowly, one step at a time.

Even if you have never tried to write a book before, you do not have to be an expert you can learn while working your way up.

How To Start Writing An E-book

·      Creating an outline (the idea), if you don’t have an idea ask people around.

·      Write a draft of one single topic.

·      Pick the title of your book.

·      Proofread (Re-read), if you cannot do it yourself, get a professional proof reader.

·      Design your cover, the best place to create a book cover is Canva I am using  paid account but free has also amazing covers.

·      At the final, its always good to involve a professional, I have certain people in Fiverr, for websites, for books , blogs and other works.

The best editor who did a great job on my book is Colton

·      If you want your work to be professional and need me to guide you to the right people in fiverr, just leave a comment or email me I will be able to connect you.  

Now that we have mentioned 7 online businesses that you can start at home.

I picked business # 1 as the best and easy to start online business at home.

Affiliate Marketing is a business that you can start today without spending any money.

How To Start Online Business From Home

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free.

·      Join affiliate network companies such as: Clickbank, ShareASale and Amazon Associates

·      Go to their marketing page and select the product that you want to promote.

·      It is always good to sell something that you know about, either you have used it before, or you know someone had used it.

·      If you have no idea about the product and still want to promote it, be kind enough to do a little search.

·      Check the reviews if it is a good product, avoid selling products that will not benefit others.

You will make money for a short time, but then you will ruin your reputation and business.

·      Every product in those affiliate networks have pages (landing page), Check the pages to learn more about the product.

·      It’s always good to promote something has a good-looking landing page, this will make your work easy.

·      Ask for a link, I have explained the full process in my other post step by step make money with ClickBank for free.

·      Shorten your link using bitly website.

·      Create a landing page for free from Aweber (free version).

Never advertise a direct link, a direct link is that link you get from those affiliate network, you should not use them direct without landing page or website.

Create your own landing page, and start collecting your audiences emails for further communication.

The emails will help you to build good relation with your future customers.

Keep in mind that, this way of promoting is for a start for those who do not want to spend money.

If you can afford to spend little money, buy a website from a reliable hosting company as mentioned.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term investment.

If you want to start your brand, strengthen your business and if you are able to spend a little don’t hesitate to do so.

If you buy a website, you are going to start a blog as discussed in business plan #2

How To Bring Customers To Your Page?

There are many free tools to use to bring customers to your business, FB, IG, Penterest and many more are mentioned in the other post 3 free traffic sources

Or get the bellow book for only $4 and learn five ways of free traffic

Tip: Any company can have an affiliate program; you probably use or visit many of the websites which has affiliate programs.

But you are not aware, keep looking usually at the bottom of any home page there is a link to their affiliate program.

Wishing you all the best with your business.