Step By Step How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Are you wondering how do these people make money for just selling Amazon products?

Do you want to know how much money you can make with an Amazon affiliate?

Well, you have come to the right place.

Amazon has an affiliate program called amazon associates.

Let`s get started by looking at the pros and cons before getting you to sign up to Amazon associates.

If you are totally new to affiliate business, I would recommend first read this post on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

How To Make Money With Amazon


  • Amazon is the biggest online market, it has all kinds of products that you can sell and get a commission. there is no product that you will not find on Amazon.

  • 24hrs commission, if someone uses your affiliate link whether they buy your product or not, whatever else they end up buying within 24hrs, you get a commission, because you are the one sent them to Amazon.

  • Trust, Amazon is a well-reputed trusted brand compare to others out there, a few years ago people were very skeptical to buy online, Amazon removed that fear from us, it is the first company that earned trust from people.

  • Amazon helps to follow up with customers, if someone has put a product in their cart and decided to leave without buying it, Amazon sends an email to remind them to come back.

  • Amazon has one-click ordering, when someone places their first order and enters payment method and shipping address, one-click ordering is automatically enabled, it saves all the details, customers love this system, instead of repeating filling in all their details again and again when they want to buy something. And this is good for us sellers because it’s easy for the customer to just do one click, as soon they click their order is processed.

  • Support: Amazon wants to make money too, they have a very good 24/7 support system.

  • 90-day cookie, this is only if a customer has put the item in the curt and leave, if they come back within 90 days you will get a commission but if not you are not getting a commission.


  • Low affiliate commission, because most of the products involve a lot of expenses. but if you get people to shop more than what you have directed them for, this point will be pros, not cons.

  • The time limit for referral: when you refer someone if they don't complete their purchase at that time, they only have 24hrs to come back, but if they don't come back in those 24hrs you miss that sale though you are the one who referred them there.

  • Payment to affiliates: Amazon does not support PayPal as a mode of payment, they only pay by check.


It is hard to get a high commission on Amazon but there is always a solution in everything.

Solution # 1

Promote really high volume, a lot of products at a time, for the commission to add up.

Solution # 2

In your blog, give authentic information and add a lot of high value to your customers, when your customers are happy your business will make you happy.

Google will rank you on top of their page and you will make more money.

Solution # 3

Amazon doesn’t allow multiple Amazon associate program accounts from the same region, but it is allowed to have accounts from different regions.

Open more accounts from different regions to generate more sales. for example: If you are in the UK you can open an account Amazon UK and Amazon Middle East.

Use Amazon one link, this link will be for all regions.

If someone from the Middle East clicks your link they will be redirected to Amazon Middle East, therefore you are getting paid from different regions.

Solution # 4

Using kit strategy, you can put all your products in one kit or group, this kit will keep similar products under one group, it keeps your products organized, is free to use.

Solution # 5

Join an autoresponder for free for up to 500 visitors, this is the program I am using, you have to create a website if you dont want one, because an autoresponder alone can work well for a start,

How to promote using an autoresponder: Create a PDF file with the information of the products and the benefits of using this product, attach it to your form and give it away as a gift.

When they click the form, they will be asked to fill in their names and email ID, then the autoresponder will send an auto-reply to thank them for joining, the reply will have your affiliate link in it.

The benefit of an autoresponder is, it will get you all emails of your customers for future contact. if you don`t know about autoresponder click the link to read more.

Step By Step How To Start Affiliate Program With  Amazon

1-Search on Google: Amazon Associates and click join now for free.

2-If you have an account with Amazon, click sign in.

If you don`t have an account click Create Amazon Account and fill in your details.

Follow the instructions and create an account, go to your email that which you created this account with and verify.

Follow the instructions, however, you will need a website to show Amazon how you are going to promote their products.

Creating a website is very easy to learn step by step how to start a blog, there are free and paid websites out there.

Fill out the rest of the information and you will be ready to start promoting their products.

How To Select The Product To Make Money In Amazon

Amazon has all kinds of products in their store, this is one of the advantages when you promote products from Amazon.

On the search, tab type the product you want to promote according to your niche.

It is very important to know that, if your website is in the health and fitness niche you should not promote anything other than health and fitness.

Otherwise, it will be like selling shoes in a restaurant.

When you find the product, you will be able to copy text link or banners link and paste to your website.

Please Note:

Read carefully the terms and conditions of Amazon before starting promoting, they do change their terms and condition every now and then.

Avoid copy and paste from other bloggers, it is against Google, they will penalize you, and maybe at the time, you made a lot of money in your website and suddenly your website will be taken down.

Make sure to keep it open that you are an Amazon affiliate, and any earn disclosure is exactly as Amazon requirements. Amazon will ban you if you hide this information.

Don`t mention  “help me or support me guys” in your videos or blogs or any other places that you are promoting Amazon associate products, it is against Amazon terms and conditions.

Amazon will ban you when they come to find out you are asking people to support you.


Amazon is a great affiliate network platform, that is convenient for any affiliate marketer, it has a variety of products, which makes it easy for new affiliate marketers who are struggling to choose a niche.

Just visiting Amazon and read the reviews can help you find out what items are needed at this time of the year.

I wish you all the best on your business journey.

If you have any question, don`t hesitate to comment down below, I will be glad to help you out.