First of all, I am so glad to be here, I never heard about this website until today

So far so good..better late than never.

Life was very busy back then, but that was not an excuse for me not to follow my passion for writing.

I used to write small notes and articles and share them with others. I love writing about anything and everything that I feel will add value to other people`s lives, in short: I love to pen my thoughts into a book.

I have written two books, one is e-book and the other is ebook and paperback, the first book is a business book, the second is about life and marriage.. how to recandle the romance


  1. To Inspire others.

  2. To Create happiness.

  3. To Refresh the world.

  4. To Empower and honor a broken heart.

  5. To Educate and lift up souls.

  6. To break the barrier between us, and teach whoever I can reach out, that we are all equal no matter where we are or coming from or what we believe in.

  7. To Remove hate and create love.

  8. To educate uneducated about the danger of ego.

  9. To hold a hand of a needy and raise them up.

  10. To live a life of giving and spreading LOVE.

My deepest purpose is to help you and others who I will come across to start their own business.

Got married at the age of 17-18. Started working at the age of 18, divorced at the age of 27 and started the single mother life, raised 4 successful boys with unconditional Love! Alhamdulilah.

~~My Dream~~

To help the weak and needy, wipe away their sad tears and bring back their smile.

Soon after learning to discipline myself and act like an adult, I started seeing the fruits of success coming my way through patience and prayers, however, of course this was not the end of my problems, I made decisions which I thought were right and would heal some of the problems, yet some of  the things could not be fixed.

But with all being said, I was still feeling strong through patience and prayers.

Through my journey in this life I have met people who will value you and your work no matter how small or big, and I have met people who will never appreciate you and whatever you do no matter how big you do or how much you give.

However, I always remind myself: If one, two, three or 1 million people ignore me, treats me bad or look down on me.

There are other billions of people in this planet who will appreciate, accept and respect me.

Dear reader, take the above advise and learn from me.

Don’t look down on yourself or anyone, Don’t be sad and Don’t give up.

If people ignore, mistreat or disrespect you, there are always other people out there who will appreciate, respect and treat you the best.

Never refuse to be advised or corrected, and listen to all opinions but go out there do a research and decide what is right and good for you.

Always take the good with you.

When someone does not help you and you surely know they are able to help you.

Just move on and don’t get angry or feel down, GOD did not want those people to help you, you know why?

Would you like to be helped by someone who will go out there and tell everyone that they have helped you?

Nowadays, we are living social media lifestyle, people post everything  in social media to show off about all what they did and helped.

They even announce about the charity they give to a needy, how much more will they announce about you?

GOD does not want anyone to humiliate you, HE will send the right people at the right time on your way, don’t worry, just be patient.

And sometimes when we do things ourselves without anyone’s help we feel great.

So thank those who refused to help you because they made who you are today!

A strong person that did all the way alone by the power of the CREATOR.

I decided to ignore those who don’t appreciate me and my work.

I decided not to worry when I ask for a help and get negative response , and not to worry about failing.

Sometimes failing teaches us to do right and makes us strong.

And most of the time after failing the success becomes easy.

After all, the ups and downs have taught me to stand again strong, through patience and prayers I have become more wiser and stronger.

So, go out there and don’t fear taking risks as long as you are doing the right things.

Keep in mind, wise people will never treat you bad because you failed, and those are the only people you need to associate yourself with.

Last: My Love Life.

My love life has never been so attractive or steady for many years, but guess what:

After years of waiting, I met my soulmate through prayers, I am a firm believer in prayers.

My husband who is my soulmate makes me feel young again 🙂

And I wish you all the best, keep prayers always.