She walked down the street in New York. He was sitting in between two rectangle flower beds each about three feet tall placed on the side wall of a building. When she saw him, she locked his gaze. She felt that familiar twinge of hate and fear, but she didn't look away this time.

He began to lean back against the wall as she got close. The look in his eyes purely smug and snide, but she didn't look away this time.

She stared at him the entire time she passed him, even turned her body and neck around to face him as she went by. Then she slowed...

...and she spoke the first words she had ever spoken to him:

"I'm glad you got arrested. It was the happiest day of my life...Now you can never hurt anyone again."

He had leaned forward as she was passing, and at the point when she had begun to speak, he was leaning over with his arms on his lap. A look of anger began to spread over his face. Her face never changed, but when she uttered her last sentence, a smile spread across her lips, a purely smug and snide she continued to walk, never once stopping.

She woke up...with that sneer still plastered on her lips...