Buy La Luna Land a seed of healing


La Luna is a healing space in which we can find power to heal our body, mind and soul by truly connecting with ourselves and others.

All of the healing practices at La Luna are FREE. However, we do receive DONATION and GIFTS.


For those who are called to help La Luna grow and thrive, you can make a donation by planting a seed of healing here. Every little bit helps! 


You can also give La luna anything regardless of size, as long as they carry the positive energy of love, appreciation and gratitude. They can be a book, a bunch of flower, a drawing/painting, a homemade cake, an interesting story, a word of encouragement, ... or more simply, spreading the word. These meaningful gifts act as a part of the energy circuits. That's what we mean by "energy exchange" — when we receive something of value, we give something back. 

(This is La Luna's mailbox address:

P505, B8 Thanh Xuan Bac, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 352 186 094)

Thank you!

Love and light,

La Luna