As much as I like familiar and longstanding comfort music, I'm not ready to stall in musical yesteryear.

Enter in "Don't Make Me Beg" by Hylan Starr. It's feel-good music with a classic R&B sound from a contemporary artist.

Forget the "lyrical quickie," that's a fixture in popular R&B/Hip Hop, where many a singer emphasizes rhyming over vocalizing, storytelling, or testifying. (Another example of what's not a lyrical quickie is "Wasting Time" by Brent Faiyaz....) Instead, Hylan is sanging -- sanging those long, whole notes (4 beats). For instance:

I ain't gone beeeegggg.
Did you hear what I saaaaid?

Then sets you up for what is one of my favorite parts of the song, when he wails.

Drop that pen
I'm on the
Way to you
Ohhhh whhhhoa hoooo

I'ma sing that the next time I pass a flock of ducks.

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