Jul 16, 2022

"Don't Make Me Beg"

As much as I like familiar and longstanding comfort music, I'm not ready to stall in musical yesteryear.Enter in "Don't Make Me Beg" by Hylan Starr. It's feel-good music with a classic R&B sound from a contemporary artist.Forget the "lyrical quickie," that's a fixture in popular R&B/Hip Hop, where many a singer emphasizes rhyming over vocalizing, storytelling, or testifying. (Another example of what's not a lyrical quickie is... more

Jul 09, 2022

Organ Transplants

Hanks' medical story would lend itself well to a movie or memoir, even if his story is a bit extreme. Or perhaps unbelievable. A stomach.A kidney.A pancreas.A small intestine.A large intestine.And another liver?Not by name had I heard of multi-visceral transplantation -- or the replacement of multiple organs during the same operation. Nor had I known that all of these organs are replaceable, or that the odds of their replacement are favorable.According... more

Feb 17, 2022

Prison Reform

A few things stuck out to me about this story -- apart from the overwhelming success of the fundraiser. 1) Some of the Soledad prisoners were mentoring Syon -- then a prep-school student -- at the prison itself. 2) His parents "put in an incredible amount of... gratitude and... trust in us to help mentor their son," according to Jason Bryant, one of the inmates. And 3) it was a reading group which these men/felons/prisoners were all members of, including Syon.I love this!However,... more

Jan 28, 2022

Dress Code

It's apparent that López violated the dress code, because his school shared it with graduating students in advance of commencement. And in it, he and his peers were permitted their mortarboards as a visual medium for self-expression.It took only one school official to prompt his attempt (albeit, unsuccessful) to remove the flag during the ceremony. So what warranted the call for four police to escort him and his parents from the building following a sit-down meeting they... more

Aug 03, 2021


Jul 09, 2021

Octogenarian, II

I'm really happy for Wally Funk.And what's her secret to staying motivated after witnessing a lifetime of historic milestones in space? Was she ever disillusioned since her own journey began six decades ago?For 60 years Funk, 82, sustained her desire to fly into space. In 1961, she was the youngest volunteer of a cohort to train women to become astronauts. That was several years before the first manned mission to space in 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot... more

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