No More Co-Dependency!

No More Co-Dependency!

May 28, 2021

The insanity of drinking creates relationships that are unstable, and dishonest! In Kristina's story, we hear about making a deal with someone to get married... Alcoholism is a liar, a cheat, and a thief. It robs us of our lives and potential.

What I love about Kristina is her advocacy work for mothers with special needs children. But really what she is about is supporting people in finding ways to break free from CoDependency! She is a woman of dignity and service. Please make sure to check out her work and find her on Instagram.

We just like to drink for any reason, you know, when you're drinking for any reason there doesn't have to be any kind of a party. It was May 5th I got up and I was so hungover and it was literally the first time I really have ever done this. Um, I started drinking again, because up until that point, one of my boundaries as an, uh, a person in the hotel business was that I didn't drink during the day.

I was really more afraid of losing my job and not being able to perform. Like I got more. I'm a huge approval addict. Huge, you know? And so that was some boundary that I had. And up until that point, I had never crossed it. And when I did, I will never forget that day. I called a guy that I knew was pining for me.

Right. And brought him over and I started drinking and it stopped working. You know, the first time it stopped working, did it make me feel better? No. And I negotiated with him a deal that I would marry him. If I didn't have to work. Right. And if he lost about 20 pounds, because he was a little chubby and you know, you know, the people we hang out with, they don't have great.

Self-esteem either. And then by the end of the night, I thought, Holy hell, how am I going to get out of this? I don't want to marry him. You know, I don't want to do any of that. And we were all in this massive master bedroom that I had fun to of my codependent, lovely Alan honors all together. And I said, I heard to me, shit, I have to quit drinking.

I'm in trouble. And I have no idea why, but God's grace. I feel like shined upon me because I ended up, well, I hit, let me back up. I had called out of work and said, I'm not coming. In fact, I'm quitting. I called my assistant manager. I was the manager and I said, I'm not ever coming back. I'm not coming back to that shitty job.

I hate it. And he was probably still drunk because he had been at the party. Of course. And he was like, Christie, you have got to come back and got really pissed. I can't work a double shift. And I was like, sorry, dude, I'm not coming back. You know, we do that stuff, right. We don't show up. And because I crossed the line of my job, it, it shook me enough and the alcohol didn't work.

I got scared because my solution to life, wasn't my solution anymore.

I hope you love the episode I sure did, and Kristina is incredible.

Tell me who I should have on the show, talk to me, I'm here! Happy moment Mama! Make sure to check out the weekly meditation!

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