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Hey, thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed your journey. Let's share a cup of tea. I enjoy lemon lavender with a touch of honey. How about you?


I am a Sophrologist studying the mind, body, spirit, breath, and consciousness to identify human behaviour and experience. I can help you develop a healthy relationship with your body which in turn will impact your sleep, your mind, your stress levels, and so much more.

There are eleven systems in your body working 24/7 to keep you alive. These systems are influenced by your interactions with life experience -- what you eat, drink, taste, hear, smell, and touch.

The health of your body is determined by how well you treat it and how much time and energy your willing to invest. I guess similar to how you would build and maintain a relationship with other people.  

Curious and wanting to know more? Get in touch! There's always something to learn. 

And thanks for listening to my recordings I REALLY appreciate your support!