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Buy me a... Coffee?

Buy me a... Coffee?

Jul 14, 2021

It wasn't until my first supporter (Thank you for that, by the way!) that I realized I have neglected this platform entirely. I'm not completely sure I ever planned to use it. I guess I did add it to my Linktree ( but that was about it.

I thought it was on Seb Pierce's website (Do check out his Bullshit Generator, it's fantastic: that I first saw a "Buy me a Coffee" button but he has a donate Bitcoin link, which makes more sense really.

I do remember thinking that I would start a Patreon account. Actually, what I thought was that I would produce something; "content" I guess, that would warrant a patron or even patrons. But, not so much. It was unpublished because I didn't do something or another. It was about when I started supporting the Patreon account of Lucien Greaves that I realized I was not likely to follow up with any of the requirements. So, I opted for this seemingly less intensive option of digital panhandling.

And why not? All through art school, I was told in order to be a successful artist one needs to do nothing more than find their patrons; their tribe, is I believe the word they used. But clearly, that is not true! One must also produce the work, obviously. And here's where another quaint bit of poppycock comes in. To produce the work; once own work, one needs to do nothing other than to "find one's voice". "Find your Voice!" That's what they told me. Glad I took out a loan.

I finally told them that I did find my voice. The problem, I explained, was that it's "covered in blood and full of broken teeth." And you know what? Ain't no tribe trying to hear that in central Utah where I happened to find myself. So, I might then have to look elsewhere... but where? Where was I to find these dedicated patrons of the arts? Let alone those interested in what I do?

Alas, we have the internet! Certainly, it will be by this means that we all finally connect in a meaningful and substantive way.




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