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Hi there, I'm Lars!

A German student and developer in various areas.

I'm currently doing my A-levels and probably will work towards a CS degree afterwards. But because I don't really know what will be one day, and I'm quite young as of now, I code a lot of different things, in a lot of different languages. Some to make my life easier others just to learn and have fun.

Python and JavaScript are the languages I know best, but I still like to work in other languages like Kotlin, C++ and Go for example. I mainly develop backends for different projects, but also enjoy working with AI/ML, smaller hardware projects and sometimes even in frontend.

Some of my favorite projects are:
- mathew a small python math lib for my projects
- betterTwitter my attempt of creating a Twitter API client for JS
- kloud a lightweight and basic cloud I created with @marvinborner
- JugendhacktApp a helping app we created during two Jugendhackt events

Besides coding, I am part of the local fire department, play Basketball and go bouldering or play some video games with friends.

If any of my projects helped you or brought you joy, and you want to support me and these projects with a small donation I would really appreciate it.

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