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Hello! I'm Grace and I organize stuff.

- World IA Day #wiad

I'm currently a co-president for World IA Day, a US-based nonprofit organization, focused on spreading awareness for the discipline/practice/field (?) of information architecture. We have the annual event #wiad21 in February, planned World IA Cafe events throughout the year, and IA research projects for mentoring.

Donate directly to World IA Day

- Information Architecture conference #iac21

I'm one of four co-chairs for the 2021 Information Architecture conference #IAC21, a North-American based professional conference, helping to define the conference experience for a 22-years and running event.

Learn about the conference

- DIA Design Guild

aka LA DIA Design, where DIA represents Designing for Inclusion and Accessibility

But, most importantly of all, I'm one of the co-founders of LA DIA Design, LLC. LA DIA Design (currently being rebranded as DIA Design Guild) is a consultancy dedicated to cultivating/developing people learning about or transitioning into user experience.

We host the SGVUX (San Gabriel Valley UX) local and virtual events, outside of Los Angeles and primarily virtually. See

We run fun workshops such as the UX of Dim Sum and IA of Asian Dramas.

We have apprenticeships, led mostly by yours truly. Apprenticeships focus on information architecture as a core skill, a basis for all design, communication, and collaboration, helping people come out of the program to be better at what they want to do and to get the experience they need for their next gig -- design, development, mentors, speakers, event planners -- and ultimately contributing back to a support community.

Do we have a business model? Not yet. We're figuring it out. Say [email protected] if you want to support us.


So that's what I do.

That's where my passions are. Your support here goes directly to Grace and indirectly supports my time and contributions to the community.

Thank you for reading.

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