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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
Rebecca Louise
Rebecca Louise bought a coffee.

Your blog always has me in stitches 😂 it really does take the edge off a stressful thank you 😊Enjoy your coffee ☕ xx

Someone bought a coffee.

I love your daily postings they really make me giggle . So refreshing to hear a real mum talk of the struggles ❤️Keep smiling and enjoy your liquid grapes x 

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks for making me Lol with every single post I read from you! Happy lockdown 3! Enjoy your coffee 😉🍷👍🏻

Nicky bought a coffee.

Thank you for making me feel normal!!! Your posts literally make me laugh out loud!! Enjoy a coffee on me - preferably when the cockwomble has the girls, then you get an hour of peace 😉 x x 

Wendy bought a coffee.

The giggles I've had at some of your comments and the shared pain I've felt at pthers. Thanks for keeping us sane xx