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Dear Reader: I’m currently not writing often on Research Notes as I am enrolled in a Master of Art in Art Education program at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS.

When it was running regularly, Research Notes was a monthly newsletter published on the last Sunday of the month (in previous iterations it appeared weekly, then bi-weekly).

Research Notes was/is a platform to share personal experiences and research on loneliness and belonging and I wrote from the point-of-view of an artist and second generation Italian Canadian. As an artist I’m also interested in researching why some artists don’t feel they belong or fit into the art word, so this theme is also reflected in some of my essays or ‘list notes.’

I started Research Notes in April 2021 and used to publish on my website at until September 2021, when my father died. I then paused, and wondered where I wanted to put my efforts. What was most meaningful and rewarding? I shelved a textile-based installation project I was working on and in January 2022, I decided to recommit to Research Notes, but on Substack, a platform that I hope offers the potential of sharing my work with more people and of making new connections.

Why the focus on loneliness and belonging?

I experienced loneliness almost on a daily basis in the past and had done so since childhood. Immigrating to Canada when I was sixteen only ensured that I felt this even more deeply. I was born in Toronto but lived in Italy and Malta before returning to Canada at 16. So I identify first with being an immigrant and second as Canadian (kind of). I’ve never felt I fit in neatly or easily. I sometimes live on Coast Salish Territory, on the west coast, and other times on Mi’kmaq Territory on the east coast of Canada. I hope to stop moving soon.

I hope these research notes will offer new encounters for you, whether they be artists or ideas.

— Laura Bucci

Laura Bucci

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