Life is a series of events and circumstances that we perceive as good and bad or right and wrong. Through all of that, we form ideas and beliefs about ourselves and how the world works. Often we also create a story around those events and circumstances. It's the story that causes the pain, that keeps us stuck, and that makes us think there is something wrong with us.

It is the story of the mind that causes us to hold on to painful experiences. The story causes us to feel the pain we're experiencing. The pain then causes us to retell the story to validate the pain. It's a cycle that doesn't really end because as long as we're telling the story we keep feeling the pain and we can't move forward.

The story is a lie. It isn't true and that's why it hurts. When people say the truth hurts it's because it means their old story is no longer true. They are mourning that old story. The truth actually frees us. The truth is what allows us to drop the story and heal. The truth is what allows us to move on and let it go.

It's hard to move on from the story because it's really convincing. It sounds really good in our heads. Usually, it's a story of victory and overcoming, and conquest. It's a story of suffering and misery and victimization. The ego loves that stuff because that's how it makes itself feel better. 

All of those things are projections of pain, insecurity, and lack. They are all attempting to fill the hole of not-enoughness that most of us have inside ourselves. The thing is, they can't fill that hole. That void can't be filled that way. We have to fill that void for ourselves without needing to prove it to the outside world.

To fill that void, we need to drop the story that keeps the void there. We need to drop the story that doesn't allow us to heal the void. We can heal the void, we just have to learn to see our experiences a little differently. How?

Ask yourself what they taught you. Don't ask the victimized, wounded self. Don't ask the story. Ask your higher self what you got from it. What did it allow you to do that you wouldn't have done before?  The wounded self will give you the story of poor me. That's not helpful. 

Your higher self will show you the purpose for your life and the experiences of it. These are things that I have been shown for myself. They asked me why I thought I had experienced everything the way I had. They said it was so that I could learn what I now offer you. My life was the classroom where I learned to teach the subject I now teach. 

Your life is a classroom for you. But it's not a classroom of victimization and suffering. It's a classroom of growth and learning. What are you learning about who you are and where you're going? These experiences happened for a reason. They weren't random. You weren't being punished. You were being shown something that you were likely refusing to see. 

The amount of pain and suffering we feel is directly related to the story we tell ourselves. That's why I keep encouraging you to drop the story. Because it's only the story that's the problem. Gaining mental clarity outside of the story will free you from the pain of your experience. 

Simple awareness that your mind is telling you a story is enough to free you from it. It's bullshit. It's not true and you can replace it with something that makes more sense and doesn't cause you pain. You don't have to drop it very long for that to happen either. It only takes a few moments of clarity for it to be life-changing. Once you do it the first time with one story, it gets easier to do it with all the rest.

It's not a magic trick. We're not by-passing anything. We're learning how to control the madness of the mind so that we can free ourselves from all this pain we carry around. 

Remember, it's not the experiences of your life that are the problem. It's what you do with them in your mind that determines whether there is a problem or not.

Love to all.