This isn't a new concept. It's something I've talked about before, this idea that we can maintain our connection to ourselves or our higher selves at all times. The goal is to be the boat on the rough sea that doesn't let the water in. The outside stays out so that we can stay afloat, maintain our connection and ultimately be at peace within ourselves.

This is no easy task. Daily life, the usual drama of other people, plus all the chaos in the world, can make it really challenging to maintain that connection. I get it because it's been a struggle for me as well. It's something that's coming up right now and I wanted to share more about what's been happening.

Some of the old cycles in my life that used to throw me into chaos no longer do that. I've learned how to be calm and unbothered in certain situations. This allows me to keep going on the things that I'm working on and maintain my focus. I don't lose my sh!t every time these old cycles come up for me.

When they do come up though, I'm quick to check-in intuitively to figure out what's going on. One of the things that happen sometimes is the guidance will be the old story, the old way of dealing with things, the old way of solving the problem. Well, those old solutions don't work anymore, so if I buy into them when I get that kind of guidance, I'm just going back around the loop. The chaos would continue or get worse.

So, this time when they tried to tell me I needed to do all kinds of work on a tight deadline, I just said no. That's the old way. It's how I used to respond and it doesn't work. When I questioned it and recognized it as the old cycle, I got the real answer. Stop losing your connection when people bring you their tension, their problems, and their stuff. Get better at staying in flow no matter what's happening so that you don't need so much silence and alone time and you're not tired all the time. The tiredness comes from taking on energy that isn't mine and allowing it to drain me.

I need to be really clear here that when I work with my clients, I don't lose my connection. Everything you get from me is channeled or intuitive in some way. You can bring me all the tension and problems you want, you're not going to bother me. But outside of that work related bubble, I still let it get in. I need to knock that off.

I get interrupted during the day, all day every day. There are people and dogs coming and going. I never get a consistent block of time to work or focus. If I'm dependent on silence or consistent blocks of time to create the things that I want in my life, I'll never get there. I'll be constantly fighting with my reality and I'll be tired all the time. That doesn't work. I have to be able to maintain that connection regardless so that I can move from task to task or thing to thing without being bothered, drained, or losing my focus and flow.

It's not about ignoring everybody. It's about allowing the interruption, maintaining the connection through the interruption, coming back to what I was doing, and picking up like nothing happened. The idea of flow is that nothing interrupts it even when everything is seemingly interrupting it.

I'm reminded of the author of A Course in Miracles. The entire book is channeled through her. What she says about writing it is that it didn't matter if she stopped mid-sentence, the next time she sat down, the message would continue from that same point. It wouldn't skip a beat. That's flow and connection. That's what it looks like when you're able to hold it consistently.

This has been a work in progress for me. It started with simpler things like not being bothered by lines at the grocery store, long red lights, or traffic jams. It started with not being annoyed by the little things in the world around me. After a while, it progressed to not being bothered by these old cycles so that even when they showed up, I was unbothered by them. Now I'm on the final phase of that journey, which is not allowing the people and animals that I live with to interrupt my flow either, even when they seemingly do it a thousand times a day.

What do I get out of this outside of a sense of peace and calm within myself?

I get more done in less time. I don't need "recovery time". If I get interrupted I just sit back down and continue my work. It doesn't take me 30-minutes to recover my focus. I can work when I have the time so that even if it's 8 pm and things get quiet, I can take advantage of some extra time because I'm not tired or drained by my day. I'm not fighting with my reality or arguing with what is. The idea is to be the boat that isn't fighting against the waves. Don't argue, just roll with it. That's connection.

When the interruption is tension or complaints about something, it isn't mine, I don't have to take it on or take it personally, and I can still maintain my flow within that. Even tension or complaining shouldn't be knocking off my flow. People complaining is them projecting their stuff. Frankly, even if it's about me, it's still their stuff. My job is to maintain my connection because by doing that I maintain my clarity and I can answer intuitively and use my guidance to help me navigate those situations, no different than I would if I were working with a client.

The original goal was for me to be unbothered by everything all the time. The idea was that I would maintain a "normal life" surrounded by people and things and be completely unflappable within that. Learning to maintain that connection to my guidance and clarity all the time is part of my journey. It really is about not needing to live in a cave or requiring hours of silence every day to recover my energy. I can maintain myself and my connection all the time without needing to withdraw at any point. As I get better at this I will continue to share. This is my current project and it's a work in progress. I'll let you know how it goes!

Love to all.