Your ability to know and trust the outcome is connected to your willingness to go on the journey no matter what happens.

It's the journey we get scared of because we don't like chaos. We don't like problems. We worry about what other people are going to think. We don't like not knowing what might happen. We don't like change. So the journey freaks us out and we sit there and stare over the cliff not sure if we should jump.

Some of us go looking for people like me, psychics, those of us that can see the future, to tell us what's going to happen. Sometimes we get the answer we want and sometimes we don't. Sometimes that's helpful and sometimes not so much. Which one you get is largely dependent on how afraid of the journey you are and the reason why you're asking the question to start with.

Why do we want the answers?

Because we think that the answers will make us feel better, but they don't often because suddenly the price of the journey seems too high for the outcome we think we might get. Then we don't trust it and we don't move forward.

All that clarity you're looking for is in the rocks at the bottom of the cliff. It's in the moment where you are in the middle of the storm and you fall flat on your face. The clarity doesn't come before you jump, it comes after. That's why I talk about skydiving so much. You'll get the answers you seek, but only after you jump. If you want the answers beforehand, you have to be willing to jump no matter what you learn. You have to be all in. You have to be fearless about the journey you want to go on. Any doubt or question about what's going to happen will keep the answer from you.

Every ounce of clarity I've ever gotten about my own life has come in the middle of chaos. The only time that this wasn't true, was the one journey that I was willing to go on no matter what the hell showed up. It's the one journey that is the reason for everything else. That one I know the ending to, the others I never did.

I have allowed all the storms and I gained clarity from them, usually in the middle of the chaos. I am a perpetual student of my own work. I constantly use what I teach and share with you. There is never a day that goes by where I'm not using some aspect of my own teachings. The more I use them the more I gain clarity about them, the more I understand the power of them to allow you and me to change our lives.

What it comes down to is the ability to stop questioning the journey and just allow it to be what it is, chaos and all. Stop being afraid of what might happen and trust yourself to handle what shows up. Use the little bits of clarity that you will get along the way to guide you forward. The ability to be open to the subtle clarity that shows up comes from being curious about what's next. Curiosity can be your best friend in this process.

Curiosity, openness, and play are the things that will make moving forward easier and more fun. It's not that there will never be challenges. It's not that every day will be perfect. It's just that you understand that the challenges are where the learning is. Your willingness to learn from the challenges can make the challenges easier to handle when they happen. Instead of asking why me, wonder what this new challenge is showing you. Stay open to it. That's where the magic is.

If you get absolutely nothing else from everything that I share with you, I want you to trust the chaos in your journey. It's there for a reason. It doesn't happen by accident and it's not meant to hurt you. It will guide you, it will give you clarity, and it will show you the truth of who you are and where you're going. Learning to trust the chaos in my own journey, has been one of the biggest gifts that I have given myself so far because it's freed me to accept myself, trust myself, and understand myself, my life, and the experiences I've had within it.

The freedom that comes from self-acceptance and trusting the journey is immeasurable. It's within you to do it for yourself. You have the power. You were born with it.

Love to all.