What if it's possible that I am worthy of my dreams?

What if it's possible that everything I've been working towards can happen?

What if those dreams aren't just my imagination running wild?

What if I can have what I want?

Every day I show up sharing or writing something. Every day I show up offering more and more ways to move forward, to get out of the rut, to stop being stuck.

But what happens when I don't believe in my own dreams?

I spin my wheels. I keep doing and getting nowhere. I stay stuck in my own stuff. I do the exact opposite of what I offer you the opportunity to do.

I remind myself I'm human too. In this spiritual realm, we never master the content we teach. We are forever learning. For as much as I teach, I am also forever a student of my own work. It is designed that way so that I keep moving forward too.

Today I've found myself in that place where I have to learn and move forward for myself. I get to do the things that I talk about. I get to create my own sense of worthiness within myself. I have to accept the possibility of achieving my own goals.

Yes, I use my own work all the time. I wouldn't teach it if I hadn't used it somewhere along the way. So, how does one accept their own worthiness?

Step 1: Get the brain on board. Make it possible in your mind first. If your mind still thinks it's impossible, so will the rest of you.

Step 2: Acknowledge any fear or doubt that comes up, which it will. Those emotions are old habits and they aren't serving you anymore. Just acknowledge them but don't buy-in. Don't allow them to take over. It's the emotional hostage take-over that tends to keep us stuck.

Step 3: Dig a little deeper and find the thing that all of this is hooked on to. There is some experience, idea, or belief that you have that has caused you to hold on to all of this. What is it?

For me, this is all simple acceptance of the work that I've already done and the work that I still have to do. It's really a loop. I don't believe it because I doubt my worthiness and I doubt my worthiness because I don't believe it. I have to get out of that cycle. That means getting my brain on board and trusting what I know intuitively. That's what I was talking about in yesterday's blog. I have to trust that connection and the vision that I have. I am claircognizant and completely aware of my own future. The only way I get there is to accept what I see and trust myself to do it.

I asked for this and I've begun the process of creating it, now I just have to allow it to complete.

What's it hooked on to? What if other people realize that I'm not worthy? What if I'm wrong about myself? What if people see that I'm a fake? It's just hooked onto more unworthiness.

Step 4: Make the choice to be worthy.

Worthiness ultimately comes down to a choice. We can't fight with our confidence. We'll never win that battle. Confidence comes through simply doing and seeing some success. Keep repeating that and eventually, you're confident. Trying to fight with it while sitting on your couch won't get you very far because confidence is built over time, it can't be healed while stationary.

We can't ever completely release the fear. That will always be there no matter how confident we get. We can't fight with our confidence either. The doubt comes from the mind, which is something we can work with. After that, you just have to decide and then do.

There is no magic potion to this. There is no amount of healing and releasing that is going to create your worthiness for you. You just have to decide it into being and keep proving it to yourself.

If you're waiting for your worthiness to show up as I have been, it won't. It doesn't come to you, you decide you are it. You have to go first. Then the Universe supports you in your worthiness. It shows you your worthiness through the success you wanted to create.

So, I'm going to leave this here and go decide to be worthy. Care to join me?

Love to all.