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Update on the Psalms Project

Sep 04, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I would like to give you all a quick update. I am continuing the audio book readings on the Psalms project which is a little different than my normal audio book readings. For this project I am adding images and piano music. I have completed Psalms 1 through 18 which can be found both on my Rumble and Youtube channels. Thank you to those of you who contributed photos and donated for me to purchase some of the images. As I'm reading through these psalms I have images that pop into my mind and then I go look for them. If I can't find them on a free image site, then I have to pay for them on a site that provides copyright free images. Some of them take 1 credit which amounts to $12, some are more expense and take 3 credits which in a bundle equals about $30.

I will continue to press on as the Lord provides the means, and look forward to the journey. It's been a blessing for me to create and hope you are enjoying them too! I appreciate your continued support and thank you for sharing the videos with your friends and family.

God's Blessings to you,


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