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I'm Laura and freelance Front End Web Developer and blogger. I am creating the No Jargon Guide to breaking into Web Development.

I like seeing other people succeed, my guide has allowed almost 10,000 people navigate subjects like Git & GitHub, hosting, domains, how the web works and an overview of the different tech sectors.

I really appreciate your support as it allows me to chase my dream, help other people and eat pizza while doing so.

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Good luck with the bootcamp, super excited to hear about your experience. Hope the pizzas keep you going x

Wow thank you Shona!! That’s so generous 🥺 that’ll definitely keep me going!! Thank you for your continued support! ♥️ X

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Good luck in your boot camp! Your tweets are helpful to this newbie coder 🤗

Wow thank you so much ☺️

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Fantastic gesture, have a coffee/pizza/treat on me 🤙🏼😁 

Thank you! That’s so kind of you!!

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Enjoy your pizza 👍 

Thanks Bastian ☺️