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Hey 👋 I’m Gift

I love my job as a frontend engineer but I've decided to do more by sharing my knowledge with the community. I enjoy creating content in varying forms -technical tutorials, video tutorials, and content about my life as a developer.

Rick Hanlon
Rick Hanlon bought 5 coffees.

Keep up the great work!!

Thank you so much Rick! ❤️

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Thank you for all the work you're doing for the community! ❤️

Thanks Ela! I appreciate the support. ❤️

Aaron Gustafson
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Keep up the awesome work. ❤️One day we’ll get to share these in person.

Thank you, Aaron! I hope that happens soon 😊❤️

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You and your content rock ✨!I hope one day to invite you to a real coffee 💜

Thanks Alba! Yasss... I will love to have coffee sometime when it's possible ❤️❤️

Stephanie Eckles (5t3ph)
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I'm so inspired by you and your work! ✨

Thank you so much, Stephanie! ❤️