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Be Honest About How You Feel/What You Need🕊❤️

Aug 05, 2022

Welcome to the weekend! May the loving acts of self-care continue!

Today we’re looking at the #3 spread: healing message from Jesus. If you’ve been praying to another divine being or asking an ancestor for help, this is support sent from them.

Three healing prayers showed up today. Wow! God really must want you to give all your worries to Heaven and try to relax as much as you can this weekend.

Honesty. Harmony. Freedom.

There are so many ways this pairing can be translated today. What is the first thing that comes to your intuitive mind?

Are you worried that being honest about how you feel may disrupt the peace? Or is being honest necessary to reclaim peace?

How do you honestly feel about a misunderstanding or recent conflict? What could help you feel free from that stress this weekend?

Have you been holding back about something you need? Something that’s been bothering you? It’s time to speak up. Free yourself from the tension and anxiety that happens when repressing feelings.

My feeling is for some of you reading this right now an honest and open talk with someone will really help clear the air. Who is this person? What is “being honest” about? What does harmony look like for you?

There are two approaches to a conflict, misunderstanding or other kind of stressful situation.

Avoid it, which temporarily is a big relief but will prolong anxiety and build up tension.

Confront it and get it over with, accepting whatever the outcome is because hey, you tried.

There is no pressure around this. God isn’t asking you to dig up the past and deal with that unchanging narcissist again. This is regarding something or someone you love, including yourself. Where can you use more peace? What do you honestly need? How can you free yourself from something weighing on you?

Those are the coaching questions and journaling prompts today.

The Harmony card can also be about Feng Shui and health. See how being honest about your work or living space can free up any stress in these places.

I drew runes today but didn’t take a picture. I need to feng shui my phone and clear data! I have the equivalent of a populated village sitting in my photo album.

Here is how the runes pair with today’s cards.

🕊Honesty regarding what you know and when you feel ready to move forward.

🕊Creating harmony from within.

🕊God is blessing you with some kind of freedom.

Today’s Video Inspo

Today, I’m sharing this video with Erich Schiffmann about intuitive choosing. He’s a respected yogi in the teaching world. I studied with his wife, Leslie Bogart (a knowledgeable RN and side note, daughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall). This grounded and wise yoga couple are dedicated to the study and teaching of yoga as a healing therapy.

Even if you feel intuitively on point, it’s always nice to hear a talk like this one and feel validated and understood, especially in a society that often values marketing manipulations or social pressures more than trusting and respecting one’s own intuitive feels.


With love,



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